Bhagyashree: One must not copy diet of their favourite stars it can be dangerous

In our modern age of social media influencers and celebrity culture, it’s commonplace for fans to aspire to mimic the lifestyles of their idols, including their dietary habits. However, prominent actress Bhagyashree has issued a stark warning against such practices, deeming them potentially ‘dangerous’ for individuals.

At a recent health event hosted by PD Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Bhagyashree took the stage to discuss the often-overlooked matter of thyroid health and its significant role in potentially triggering a range of illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and mental health issues like stress and depression. The ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ star shared insights about the vital importance of regular thyroid check-ups, highlighting the particular necessity for children and infants to undergo these screenings to prevent conditions such as mental retardation.

The conversation shifted towards dietary practices when Bhagyashree, who recently turned 55, voiced concerns over the current trend where individuals turn to Google to emulate the diet plans of their favorite actors. In her message to the public, she advocated for personalized dietary guidance, stressing that one should consult with a general practitioner who understands personal health needs. Bhagyashree emphasized that dietary needs vary significantly depending on one’s geographical location and cultural context. A nutritious diet suitable for someone residing in the mountains may not be apt for those living near beaches or in the south, with each region having its distinct dietary requirements.

The dangers of blindly copying a diet simply because it is followed by a Hollywood or Bollywood actress were underscored by Bhagyashree. She contended that this approach to health and nutrition is fraught with risks for fans who may not share the same health considerations or lifestyle as their admired celebrities.

Aside from her remarks on health and wellness, the actress took a moment to pay heartfelt tribute to the late ghazal legend Pankaj Udhas, who passed away recently. Bhagyashree shared her fond memories attending his musical programs and described him as a soft-spoken and humble individual, a ‘musical genius’ and a ‘lovely person.’ She reminisced about the warm gatherings at his residence, where his wife, Farida, would serve delectable meals, and spoke affectionately about her bond with his daughter, Nayaab.

In her closing remarks, Bhagyashree left the audience with a sentimental reflection on both the professional and personal connections she treasured with Pankaj Udhas and his family. It is evident that her experiences with the ghazal maestro and his kin have left a lasting impact on her life.

As a final note to the patrons at the event and the wider audience, Bhagyashree’s message reverberated with the unequivocal importance of making informed and individualized health and dietary decisions. Her caution against the potential hazards of following celebrity diets without proper medical consultation serves as a timely reminder in today’s age of heightened celebrity influence.

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Bhagyashree’s advice brings forward important questions about the influence of celebrity culture on personal health choices. As individuals navigate an ever-increasing pool of health information, her guidance encourages a more reflective and personalized approach to well-being.

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