Bengaluru’s Imaginative Techno-Art Labyrinth Unveiled at the Bangalore Creative Circus

The heart of Bengaluru beats with a new rhythm this week as it opens its doors to an experience of the city like never before. “Lost in Bangalore” takes center stage, a captivating exhibition that promises a month of marveling at the city’s essence, transformed into an interactive art phenomena. This artistic venture, stemming from Sensistan’s eight-week new media and tech art residency program—Circle III—in association with Craft 360 and Bangalore Creative Circus (BCC), unveils the exuberant talents of its participants.

Immersive installations and interactive exhibits meld into a narrative crafted from the gaze of the imaginary character, Sista, a nine-year-old time traveler whose perspective reshapes Bangalore’s well-trodden streets into a realm of wonder. This artistic exploration crafts a ‘phygital’ world—a fusion of physical and digital enhancements—creating an all-ages playfield that invites exploration, interaction, and creative engagement. It’s here, amidst the confluence of tech and artistry, that each participant’s interpretation of being ‘lost’ in the city finds a home.

Nexmag Digital offers us glimpses into this unique techno-artistic venture with visuals of the month-long exhibition. A display that not only promises to dazzle visually but also serves as an effective conduit for sharing ideas and perspectives; a brainchild of Manisha Vinod, co-founder of BCC. Vinod elucidates the transformative power of art, saying it reshapes our worldview, opening portals to previously unexplored thoughts and dimensions. “The ‘medium’ of art is forever evolving, and this hybrid structure of physical meets digital throws open boundaries of art,” she reflects.

Vinod also harkens back to BCC’s 2022 immersive arts extravaganza—Ministry of Now—and emphasizes the residency program’s unique blend of participants: architects, engineers, and other professionals all aspiring to transcend traditional confines of art through technology. This exhibition doesn’t just echo aesthetic vibrancy; it’s designed to forge bonds, to create a collective shared experience—the bedrock of communities such as theirs.

As we delve deeper, Shammi Raj Bhalla, co-founder of Sensistan, speaks to the mission behind this event: to introduce new media art to the triumvirate of stakeholders—artists, audiences, and investors. He notes the distinctiveness of the display, moving away from the conventional linear galleries, to an interconnected realm where narrative blends with the art form to etch more enduring memories. Bhalla introduces us to Sista, akin to an Alice in Wonderland, who embodies the everyday hopes and struggles of individuals within society’s framework.

Among the many artistic expressions is “Flames to Beams,” an installation celebrating light’s guidance amidst the uncertain; “Last Plant Alive,” a somber meditation on life’s delicacy and mankind’s environmental footprint; and “Human Synthesizer,” a sonic playground educating on the creation of sound. Not to forget “Virshabhavati – Vishawabhavati,” a tribute to the river that birthed Bangalore, now reduced to sewage.

This artistic mirage is hosted at the Bangalore Creative Circus in Yeshwanthpur Industrial Suburb, with its doors open from March 14 to April 7. The exhibition runs Friday to Sunday, from 6pm to 10pm. Those eager to traverse this labyrinth of cityscape and imagination can secure their journey for ₹399 via Through the innovative lens of Sensistan’s tech-art residency and the BCC’s curatorial brilliance, “Lost in Bangalore” awaits those ready to rediscover their city—and perhaps, in the process, themselves.

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