Bangalore Open Air 2024 to raise decibel levels this weekend

Bangalore Open Air, the vanguard of metal music festivals in India, is all geared up to elevate the musical experience with a two-day extravaganza scheduled for February 9 and 10 at Bits Club, Hennur. The event, which marks a significant scale-up from its initial iterations, boasts a lineup brimming with metal titans from across the globe.

As Bangalore Open Air unfurls its most ambitious chapter since its inception in 2012, attendees can expect to be enthralled by an array of international metal heavyweights. German thrash metal icons Kreator, accompanied by the melodic harmonies of Swedish giants In Flames, and the technical prowess of Poland’s Decapitated, are set to headline the event. Supplementing this robust international roster will be black metal connoisseurs Watain, also hailing from Sweden, the Swiss/Dutch power alliance of all-female band Burning Witches, and Spain’s Ankor, featuring the powerful vocals of Jessie Williams and the percussive talent of Eleni Nota.

The festival’s homage to metal extends to the Indian shores with a curated selection of the nation’s finest. Fan favorites Kryptos and Zygnema will be joined by the aggressive sonic assaults of Godless. The lineup is further bolstered by emerging luminaries such as Kolkata’s Chronic Xorn, Bangalore’s own Moral Collapse, and the high-octane Speedtrip, offering a glimpse into the wealth of talent in India’s metal scene.

Mille Petrozza, the indomitable frontman of Kreator, looks forward to headlining the festival that saw them take center stage at the very first Bangalore Open Air in 2012. Reconnecting with the Indian audience is a prospect that fills him with enthusiasm. Petrozza, in our conversation, reflects on the band’s timeless appeal, guaranteeing that their performance will be a balanced assault of both cherished classics and fresh material from their recent album “Hate Uber Alles,” catering to a legion of fans, old and new alike.

In an intriguing twist, Petrozza, a dedicated yogi, credits the discipline of yoga as the cornerstone that enables him to maintain the relentless energy required to perform at their breakneck pace. He remarks on the synergy between his yogic practice and the band’s capability to keep producing intense music that has stood the test of time.

Fans will also witness another dimension of Kreator’s journey – a film crew is set to document their experiences as part of an upcoming documentary showcasing a year in the life of the band.

Adding to the festival’s allure are the Burning Witches, promising a premiere Indian performance that will resonate with fans of the genre. Guitarist Courtney Cox is particularly excited about her first visit to India, and while mindful of the journey ahead, she can barely contain her anticipation to feed off the crowd’s energy. Their recent album “The Dark Tower” will be the source of much of their setlist, complemented by crowd-pleasing numbers from their earlier works.

Cox encapsulates the essence of a Burning Witches concert as nothing short of a “heavy metal” spectacle, conjuring images of pounding riffs and soaring solos. Her global journey in metal has reinforced her belief in the universal language and kinship that the genre fosters, transcending geographical barriers.

Bangalore Open Air promises to be a milestone event, celebrating a decade of bringing metal culture to the forefront in India. As the festival prepares to unfold over two electrifying days, its lineup stands as a testament to the unyielding spirit of metal and its unwavering community.

For those ready to bask in the cacophony of distorted guitars and pummeling drums, tickets are available on Bangalore Open Air invites you to immerse yourself in the relentless energy and camaraderie that only a festival of this magnitude can offer. Join the metal legion as they converge in Bangalore for an unforgettable weekend of headbanging harmony.

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