Aryan Khan Discusses Balancing New Web Series and Father Shah Rukh Khan’s Brand Influence

In an exclusive interview, Aryan Khan, the son of Bollywood’s iconic star Shah Rukh Khan, has for the first time opened up about his professional journey as an entrepreneur entering the realms of Indian entertainment and fashion. It seems as though Aryan is not just embracing his father’s legacy but also carving out a distinctive path for himself.

Discussing his foray into both the worlds of apparel and entertainment, Aryan shared his experiences working alongside his father on the second line of their high-end streetwear brand, D’yavol X, and the challenges he has faced while embarking on his directorial venture with the upcoming web series ‘Stardom.’

His much-anticipated series, ‘Stardom,’ promises a behind-the-scenes look at the film industry, narrated across six episodes. Production is well underway, with Red Chillies Entertainment at the helm, and preparations are set to transition to the filming stage in 2023.

Aryan’s enthusiasm about working with Shah Rukh Khan on D’yavol X is palpable as he talks about witnessing his father’s legendary work ethic from close quarters. “It’s always a pleasure and a learning experience. People talk about his work ethic, but experiencing it first-hand was really exciting,” Aryan said during his chat with GQ. Shah Rukh, the face of the brand, not only lends star power but also adds ‘sanity’ and ‘maturity’ to the edgy line of clothing. Aryan elaborated on the dynamic, saying, “Some things that would take me some time to wrap my head around were seamless for him… Our brand is age-agnostic, and the combination of my modern perspective with my father’s maturity creates an interesting balance.”

The synergy between Shah Rukh Khan’s wealth of experience and Aryan’s contemporary vision seems to be the guiding force behind D’yavol X, with an ambition to cater to a diverse age group, ranging from children to seniors. This generational collaboration highlights the brand’s desire to merge timeless elegance with modern trends, aimed at a broad audience.

Moreover, ‘Stardom’ is stirring excitement among fans eager to see Aryan Khan’s storytelling abilities. In December of the previous year, Aryan shared a glimpse of the script on Instagram, announcing the completion of the writing process with a note saying, “Wrapped with the writing…can’t wait to say action.” Shah Rukh Khan replied supportively, heralding his son’s move from ideation to execution.

The web series represents more than just a venture into digital entertainment; it is a significant step for Aryan, signifying his debut as a writer-director under the mentorship of one of Indian cinema’s most celebrated figures.

‘Stardom’ is not just an exploration of the allure and complexities of Bollywood, it also allows Aryan to demonstrate his creative acumen, distinct from his father’s towering presence in the film industry. While the specifics of the plot are under wraps, the series is undoubtedly one of the most awaited projects from the house of Red Chillies Entertainment.

By successfully juggling a directorial role and his involvement with D’yavol X, Aryan Khan is embracing his multifaceted role in the industry with a dedication reminiscent of his father’s well-documented professionalism. Only time will tell how Aryan’s efforts in fashion and film will resonate with audiences, but the anticipation surrounding his nascent yet promising career is enough to keep the public gaze firmly fixed on the young Khan’s endeavors.

As Shah Rukh Khan has shown for decades his ability to captivate millions, all eyes are now on Aryan Khan as he strides confidently towards his debut, inviting us to witness the birth of a new narrative in the Indian film and fashion landscape.

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