Article 370 Box Office Day 5: Yami Gautam’s political-action drama collects Rs 30 crore

The silver screen has once again proven its power to captivate audiences and spark conversations as the newly released film “Article 370,” featuring the versatile Yami Gautam, has shown a robust performance at the box office. The film, which debuted on screens globally on February 23, has seen an impressive collection of approximately Rs 30 crore in India alone within its initial five-day stint.

“Article 370” has drawn attention not only for its gripping narrative but also for its portrayal of a historical moment in India’s recent past—the 2019 revocation of Jammu & Kashmir’s special status previously ensured by Article 370. The movie provides a dramatic representation of the events, intertwining intelligence operations and political machinations during a time that reshaped the region’s future.

The political-action drama has proven to be a crowd-puller, with reporting a commendable Rs 3.25 crore earnings on its fifth day, pushing its total collection in India to Rs 29.40 crore. Jyoti Deshpande, Aditya Dhar, and Lokesh Dhar are credited with the film’s production, which has become a topic of much conversation and analysis.

After a promising opening day, with revenues of Rs 5.9 crore, the movie saw a surge in collections, earning Rs 7.4 crore on its second day and observing a 25% increase in ticket sales on the third day—the highest since its release, bringing in an estimated Rs 23 crore at the Indian box office. “Article 370” has evidently captured the zeitgeist, leveraging positive reviews and the power of social media to fuel its growth in viewership.

Comparisons have been drawn between this film and another political thematic success of 2022, “The Kashmir Files.” During its first two days, “Article 370” performed commendably, surpassing “The Kashmir Files,” which earned Rs 12.05 crore in the same time frame.

The leading lady of the political thriller, Yami Gautam, plays the role of a National Investigation Agency intelligence officer who becomes a key player during the turbulent events in the Valley. The actress has notably expressed the weight of responsibility felt in portraying such a significant part of Indian history. She earlier commented on the gravity and boldness of the subject matter, describing “Article 370” as a crucial chapter that presents a deep look into the interplay of intelligence and political decisions that steer a nation’s destiny.

Director Aditya Suhas Jambhale has crafted a film that not only triggers thought but conversation as well, daring to delve into a topic that is as complex as it is crucial to understanding the nation’s recent socio-political landscape. With “Article 370,” audiences are invited into a story that reflects the intricate and often challenging realities of policy, patriotism, and human endurance.

As the movie progresses through its first week, industry watchers and audiences alike remain keen to observe its trajectory. While it may still be early to forecast the full scope of its success, the existing figures present a narrative of both box office achievement and cultural impact. Given the early trends, “Article 370” may well be en route to establish itself as one of the year’s standout films, fostering dialogue and reflection long after the end credits roll.

In conclusion, as “Article 370” enters the next phase of its box office journey, it does so with the wind of public interest at its back, continuing to draw viewers in with its portrayal of a transformative period in India’s modern history. With a cast led by the talented Yami Gautam and under the direction of Aditya Suhas Jambhale, the film promises not just entertainment but also a deeper understanding of the pages of history that continue to influence the present and the future.

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