Article 370 Box Office Collection Day 1: Yami Gautam’s Political Thriller Garners Decent Numbers – Know Here

New Delhi: Cinemas across India opened their doors to the premiere of the politically charged thriller ‘Article 370’ featuring Yami Gautam, on February 23rd. The motion picture, steeped in controversy due to its politically sensitive theme, has inevitably become the talk of the town, successfully drawing crowds eager to witness its narrative unfold on the silver screen.

As per the data collated by Sacnilk, the film has made a commendable impact on day one of its release, garnering an estimated ₹5.90 Cr India net at the box office, signaling a robust start.

The political drama has received direct acknowledgment from audiences who have openly expressed their anticipation and reaction. In an outpouring of public interest, Jammu’s citizens have thronged theaters with particularly high spirits. “Modi ji has done good work. We’re excited to see what 370 is, and what happened that people don’t know. They are excited to see it,” remarked a moviegoer. Another viewer from the region commented on the rapid development and peace perceived in Jammu post the constitutional change, likening it to visualizing the Indian flag unfurled across the landscape.

In the city of Guwahati, fans have prioritized the film over academic commitments, indicative of the urgency and expectation tied to the movie’s portrayal of truth. One fan, in conversation with ANI, stated, “We have our exam tomorrow, but we came to see the movie. Modi ji said in his speech to watch the movie.”

Additionally, the film has caught the attention of the Indian Prime Minister himself. Narendra Modi remarked on ‘Article 370’ during a rally in Jammu, an event marking his second visit to the region since the revocation of Article 370 back in August 2019. His comments have seemingly amplified the public’s curiosity and engagement with the film.

The audience responses have ranged from praises for the film director, Aditya Suhas Jambhale—known for his work on ‘Uri’—to expectations of authenticity and entertainment. “If the movie is based on facts then it is going to be more fun to watch, and we expect the direction should also be fine. We have seen the documentary, now we will also watch the film from an entertainment point of view.”

Directed by the National Award winner, Jambhale, and starring both Yami Gautam and Priyamani, the film explores a bold chapter in Indian history. ‘Article 370’ delves into the complex interplay of intelligence and politics that shapes the destiny of a nation. The leading lady, Gautam, has voiced her conviction that the audience will be treated to a genre-defining experience. Elaborating on her own journey with the film, Gautam shared, “It gave me the opportunity to delve into newer depths of complexities and once again gave me a role that hasn’t been treaded before.”

The film’s production saw a collaborative effort among industry stalwarts – Jyoti Deshpande, Aditya Dhar, and Lokesh Dhar.

As ‘Article 370’ navigates through its cinematic voyage, it is evident that the film resonates on multiple levels. It not only offers a cinematic recounting of historical events but has also become a catalyst for discussions on national identity and the intricacies of political decision-making. With a formidable start at the box office and echoes of approval from the highest corridors of power to the general public, ‘Article 370’ sets the stage for a compelling socio-political engagement, promising to keep the audience riveted and the turnstiles rotating.

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