Arjun Rampal: If I have to get really fat for a role I’ll do it | Exclusive

The Indian cinema screens are set to witness the high-powered clash of titans as actor Arjun Rampal gears up to face off against Vidyut Jammwal in their latest film ‘Crakk’. Known for his striking on-screen presence, Arjun Rampal has once again grabbed the spotlight, this time for his gruelling preparation to play a fearsome antagonist in the action-packed movie.

Shared through his Instagram handle, Arjun Rampal showcases a physique that could rival ancient Greek statues, underscoring the commitment he has put into embodying his latest role. His well-defined musculature and deep voice promise a cinematic experience that will see him toe-to-toe with the equally formidable Jammwal.

In an exclusive conversation with, Arjun divulges into the preparation journey for ‘Crakk’. His narrative reveals not just the physical transformation but also his holistic approach to his career and personal well-being. Unlike actors who may constantly chase after the perfect six-pack, Arjun admits to adhering to a lifestyle that balances good habits with the occasional indulgence, preferring health and mental peace over fleeting aesthetic trends. His philosophy is simple: fitness for longevity and confidence, not merely for role conformity.

“If I need to bulk up for a role, I’d do it,” he claims. This willingness to physically adapt to his roles showcases Arjun’s deep-rooted dedication to his craft, something he has demonstrated consistently through a career that spans diverse characters, from the suave Mukesh “Mike” Mehra in ‘Om Shanti Om’ to the gritty Arun Gawli in ‘Daddy’. Each performance, a testament to his transformative abilities.

Preparing for ‘Crakk’ required Arjun to fully commit to an intense fitness regimen, focusing on strength training and extensive cardiovascular work to match Jammwal’s athletic prowess. The training, as Arjun reveals, was extensive and paved with sacrifices to reach the required level for the role. It was more than just about looking the part; it was about embodying the character in every sense that the script demanded.

Adding a very personal touch to the film is the inclusion of Arjun’s partner, Gabriella Demetriades, as the costume designer. Far from a mere familial favor, her involvement came with an artistic approach, first diving into the script before cultivating the character’s unique visual identity. Her designs successfully complement Arjun’s portrayal, adding depth to an already layered antagonist.

Arjun, a family man at heart, shares a candid insight into the interplay between his professional choices and personal life. His daughters, Mahikaa and Myra, unafraid to share their opinions on his work, often engage in light-hearted banter by revisiting his earlier films. However, the actor values mature and constructive discussions about his films, celebrating both the positives and negatives in his endeavour to spark dialogue through his art.

As the anticipation for ‘Crakk’ reaches a fever pitch, not only are the performances of Rampal and Jammwal awaited with bated breath, but also the contributions of other notable stars, including Nora Fatehi and Amy Jackson. Releasing in theatres on February 23, ‘Crakk’ promises to be a thrilling ride that showcases the extents to which Arjun Rampal will go for his art – even if it means pushing his physical limits to the extreme.

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