Arjun Rampal: I never went away I’ve always been here

Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal is sparking anticipation as he prepares for the premiere of his fresh action-packed movie, ‘Crakk,’ taking to media circles to discuss not only his methodological approach to choosing roles but also the intricate nature of his latest on-screen persona.

With the upcoming release of ‘Crakk,’ Arjun Rampal has been the talk of the town, yet the actor clarifies a misconception – he never disappeared from the Bollywood scene. Despite the quiet interim since his appearance in ‘Dhaakad,’ Rampal makes it clear that his selective criteria for accepting roles account for his measured presence in Hindi cinema. In ‘Dhaakad,’ audiences saw Rampal don a villainous guise against Kangana Ranaut’s fierce protagonist, Agent Agni, marking a memorable performance.

Now, ready to command the big screen once more, Rampal is set to engage in an on-screen rivalry with co-star Vidyut Jammwal in the new action thriller. ‘Crakk’ promises electrifying performances, not just from Rampal and Jammwal but also from the talented Nora Fatehi and Amy Jackson, who complete the stellar cast.

In a candid session with the press this past Friday, the ‘Rock On!!’ actor shared insights into his “return” to the spotlight, confidently stating, “I never went away. I’ve always been here.” Rampal expressed his belief in mindful decision-making when it comes to film projects, taking care not to rush into commitments without due diligence, as hurried decisions can yield less than satisfactory outcomes.

His work ethic pairs dedication with a concerted effort to resonate with audiences, striving to deliver compelling performances anchored by a deep understanding of the characters he portrays. The actor delved into the psyche of his latest on-screen counterpart, defining even his antagonistic roles with a touch of humanity and a depth of emotion. Rampal emphasized that delving into the complexities, emotions, and, indeed, the breaking points of such characters, is pivotal to his portrayal.

The engagement with his new antagonistic role in ‘Crakk’ prompted Rampal to spend considerable time with the production team, exploring and embodying the character’s philosophical underpinnings. His satisfaction with the outcome was evident as he expressed gratitude for the team’s collaborative efforts and a quiet hope that viewers will also extend their appreciation.

‘Crakk,’ produced by Vidyut Jammwal under the umbrella of Action Hero Films, bears the creative watermark of Aditya Datt, who wears the dual hats of writer and director for the project. The film is slated to introduce its thrilling narrative to audiences in theaters on February 23, 2024, marking a cinematic event that action aficionados are keenly awaiting.

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As the conversation about his filmography continued, it became clear that Arjun Rampal has adopted a philosophy of engagement with cinema that goes far beyond mere screen presence – every project, every character becomes a journey. With ‘Crakk,’ it seems the actor is on track to bring forth yet another powerhouse performance that will remind audiences why he remains one of Bollywood’s compelling forces.

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