Are Shraddha Kapoor and Rahul Mody No Longer Shying Away from the Spotlight?

Bollywood’s very own ‘Meme Queen,’ Shraddha Kapoor, is captivating hearts both on the big screen and online with her vibrant social media presence and shrewd wit. Recently, however, the buzz is not solely about her movies or humour-riddled posts; it’s about the person she’s frequently spotted with – her rumoured beau, Rahul Mody.

Although neither Kapoor nor Mody have made official statements affirming their relationship, sightings and inside reports suggest that they may soon be comfortable with their relationship gaining public attention. As per a source close to Hindustan Times, the couple, who grew closer while working on the film “Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar,” appear to be in a steady and cozy relationship. “They are in a very comfortable position with each other, which is why they don’t feel the need to hide their affair. And that’s the reason they are getting spotted together more often,” the source divulged.

It appears the couple is not shying away from being photographed together, signaling a shift away from the typical reticence associated with Bollywood couples. Although they might revel in each other’s company unguardedly, they stop short of making any imminent declarations about their relationship status. Both Shraddha Kapoor and Rahul Mody value their privacy and seem to prefer keeping their personal lives away from the relentless media glare.

Kapoor, a celebrated actress, is loved not just for her versatile acting chops but also her relatable persona. This relatability is often showcased through her digital interactions, where she blends humour with daily musings to engage with her audience. On Instagram, Shraddha recently shared a set of pictures with a playful caption that triggered a flurry of witty exchanges with her fans. The actress referred to a traditional parental scolding in her caption, which set off a delightful banter with the followers. Comments ranged from fun pizza party suggestions to light-hearted advice about warding off the evil eye—an everyday chatter that showcases the actress’s ability to connect and rib-ticklingly engage with her fanbase.

One fan’s jest about parties led Shraddha to quip about the necessity of a ‘yoga party’ instead, thanks to the indulgence in too many pizza parties. When another fan mentioned ‘paneer tikka’, Shraddha wittily connected it back to her caption about the maternal ‘kaan ke neeche’ remark. Even a comment revolving around the platform’s blue verification tick did not go without a playful response from this quick-witted actress.

While these exchanges endear Shraddha Kapoor to her fans, her visibility alongside Rahul Mody has caught the attention of the public and media alike. The couple’s decision to not flinch at the idea of media attention could be perceived as a subtle nod to those persistent relationship rumours. Nevertheless, they seem content to leave the question of ‘going public’ as a matter of speculation for now.

The evolution of their appearances together suggests a comfort and perhaps a soon-to-be public declaration. Still, for the time being, both Shraddha Kapoor and Rahul Mody are maintaining a dignified silence on the subject, allowing their fondness for each other to be captured in candid snapshots rather than through explicit confirmations.

The air of mystery continues to loom over the Kapoor-Mody liaison, serving both as a tantalising detail for gossip columns and a testament to their desire to navigate their relationship on their own terms. As the public eye stays fixated on them, only time will tell if and when they will shed the veil of ambiguity and embrace their bond amidst their fanfare.

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