Arbaaz Khan reveals family was not aware about relationship with Sshura addresses age-gap

In a surprising revelation to the public, notable producer-actor Arbaaz Khan disclosed details about his quietly nurtured love story with make-up artist Sshura Khan, leading to their concealed marriage in December of the previous year. The couple, who chose to exchange vows in a low-key ceremony at the home of Arbaaz’s sister, Arpita Khan, in Mumbai, had managed to keep their relationship under the radar—even from their immediate families.

The clandestine love affair between Arbaaz and Sshura began on the professional grounds of Arbaaz’s production ‘Patna Shukla,’ where Sshura’s role as makeup expert to actress Raveena Tandon facilitated their initial interactions. “It was just a casual meeting, a professional one. After the film concluded, we met privately a few times. Many celebrities believe their relationships should be public knowledge, but we kept ours private for nearly a year,” Arbaaz explained in an exclusive interview with Indian Express.

In a world accustomed to the media spotlight, the decision to keep their blossoming romance away from the prying eyes was a collective and deliberate choice made by the couple. It highlighted their desire for privacy and the importance they placed on nurturing their bond away from the limelight. Arbaaz mentioned the importance of discretion, admitting the couple’s enjoyment in the freedom that came with keeping their affair away from the scrutiny often faced by high-profile relationships.

The secrecy was upheld to such an extent that even the actor’s prominent family, including his parents, Salim Khan and Salma Khan, and siblings Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Alvira, and Arpita Khan, were in the dark about the depth of Arbaaz’s involvement with Sshura. “Initially, they didn’t know. They were aware that I was seeing someone but were pleasantly surprised when they realized I was taking a significant step towards marriage,” he shared, describing the moment when his family learned of his momentous decision. The family’s support, as revealed by Arbaaz, was unwavering and rooted in the trust that the decision was made by two mature individuals understanding the gravity of their commitment.

Arbaaz Khan, aged 56, also openly addressed the notable age gap between him and 31-year-old Sshura, challenging societal preconceptions about age and relationships. He emphasized mutual maturity and understanding, stating, “It’s not like my wife is a teenager. We’re both adults who spent substantial time together understanding our expectations and future aspirations. Such monumental life choices are made with great contemplation, not hastiness.”

He continued to counter the culture’s fixation on age, suggesting that the success of a marriage is not predicated on a couple’s age but rather on the foundation they build together. He observed that many relationships with significant age differences enjoy longevity and stability, challenging the notion that age is the paramount factor in the success of a union.

The marriage between Arbaaz and Sshura has sparked interest and discussions about celebrity relationships’ private and public natures. In disclosing the nuances of their personal journey and openly discussing the decisions that brought them together, the couple has shone a light on the complex yet poignant dynamics of love and commitment far removed from the industry’s usual fanfare. Through their story, Arbaaz and Sshura have perhaps inadvertently raised questions about the norms of relationship age differences, privacy, and the nature of love in the public eye.

Arbaaz’s candidness about his and Sshura’s story paves the way for a broader conversation about the many ways love manifests and the unique paths individuals take in pursuit of happiness, irrespective of public expectations or traditional benchmarks. It’s a testament to the idea that in matters of the heart, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and sometimes the most profound connections thrive outside the parameters of conventional scrutiny.

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