Aparshakti Khurrana And Wife Aakriti Ahuja’s Track ‘Har Koi Nai’ Will Make You Fall In Love

New Delhi: In an enchanting confluence of romance and melody, Bollywood actor Aparshakti Khurrana and his wife Aakriti Ahuja recently debuted together in a music video, casting a spell with the song titled ‘Hor Koi Nai’. The couple chose the celebration of love, Valentine’s Day, as the perfect occasion to release their musical collaboration, which has swiftly captivated the hearts of their followers and fans across social media platforms.

The song, unfolded to the public through Aparshakti’s widely followed Instagram account, is a testament to the couple’s adorable chemistry and the resonance of the love anthem with listeners. It signifies their inaugural joint creative venture in the music realm. The actor penned a heartfelt caption to accompany the post, marking the significance of the day, “An apt day to release our first song together #HarKoiNa OUT NOW – the perfect soundtrack for love this valentines.”

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Soon after its release, the song ‘Har Koi Nai’ began trending, with fans rushing to share their admiration in the comment section, embracing not only the heartwarming video but also the duo’s undeniable charisma and the tuneful composition that struck a sweet chord.

The creative force behind the song is lyricist and music director Mansimran Sandhu. His organic writing and composition succeeded in weaving the personal nuances of Aparshakti and Aakriti’s relationship into the music, lending an authentic and relatable feel to the track.

Aparshakti shared his experience and the journey behind convincing Aakriti to join him in this endeavour. He acknowledged the challenge posed by her professional commitments and her role as a mother but highlighted the importance of spending time together as a couple. The artist opened up about his motive behind the timing and nature of the release, “I thought let’s do something special for valentines. For the first time we have done a song together, was tough to convince Aakriti, keeping in mind her work commitment and mommy duties. I convinced her by saying that it’s important to take time off as a couple as well. The video was majorly shot in Australia.”

He quipped about the lyrics which humorously mirrored their real-life dynamic, where the lines of the song speak about him continually calling her while she doesn’t pick up, something he cites as a playful yet accurate occurrence in their daily lives.

The audience’s reception of the song has underscored a shared sentiment of affection and relatability that transcends through the screen, spotlighting the universal language of love. The track epitomizes the romantic spirit of Valentine’s Day, embracing the notion that amidst busy lives and varying responsibilities, there are still spaces and moments to celebrate togetherness.

The filming of the music video reportedly took place amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Australia, integrating the scenic beauty into the narrative of the song and enhancing the visual appeal.

‘Hor Koi Nai’ stands out as a reflection of the couple’s bond but also cements Aparshakti’s versatility and Aakriti’s artistry in a domain distinct from the silver screen. The couple’s foray into music has not only added a new dimension to their repertoire but has also gifted their audience with an earnest and heartfelt musical piece to associate with the season of love.

In a world that often rushes past the finer feelings, Aparshakti and Aakriti’s ‘Hor Koi Nai’ pauses to serenade the audience with the melody of affection, companionship, and the candid confessions of a shared life, proving yet again that music and love are a match made in heaven.

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