Anurag Kashyap roped in as villain for Aashiq Abu’s next

The landscape of Indian cinema continues to evolve as boundaries blur between regional film industries, and this time, the amalgamation brings Anurag Kashyap, a celebrated figure in Hindi cinema, to the forefront of a Malayalam movie project. The filmmaker, known for his gritty and unflinching narrative style, is poised to embrace a new role in front of the camera, marking his entry into the Malayalam film realm with Aashiq Abu’s upcoming venture, ‘Rifle Club’.

The legendary Hindi director will channel his acting prowess as the lead antagonist in this highly anticipated movie. It’s not Kashyap’s first encounter with Malayalam cinema, as he had previously co-produced ‘Moothon’, directed by Geetu Mohandas and featuring Nivin Pauly in the lead role, as well as having produced Nithin Lukose’s ‘Paka’. However, ‘Rifle Club’ will be his debut in a full-fledged acting capacity in the language, further highlighting the versatile nature of his engagement with the cinematic arts.

Written by the dynamic duo Suhas and Sharfu, best known for their work in the Fahadh Faasil starrer ‘Varathan’, along with Dileesh Karunakaran’s creative inputs, the storyline of ‘Rifle Club’ is shrouded in anticipation. The screenwriters have already proven their mettle with their previous ventures, and their collaboration with Kashyap is expected to yield a narrative rich in nuance and complexity.

Joining Kashyap in ‘Rifle Club’ is a formidable ensemble cast, which includes the talents of Soubin Shahir and Dileesh Pothan in lead roles. The film’s cast was officially announced in November 2023, fueling excitement among both the audience and industry insiders. The combination of Kashyap’s acting debut coupled with the celebrated Malayali actors makes ‘Rifle Club’ a project that is eagerly awaited by cinephiles.

Anurag Kashyap is no stranger to acclaim, his latest directorial venture, ‘Kennedy’, recently closed the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2023, adding another feather to his already heavily-ornamented cap. ‘Rifle Club’ will further test Kashyap’s versatility as he steps into the shoes of an antagonist, a departure from his directorial roles.

On the other end, Aashiq Abu, the man orchestrating ‘Rifle Club’, is coming off the success of ‘Neelavelicham’, a highly praised adaptation of Vaikom Muhammad Basheer’s story. The film, starring a talented line-up including Tovino Thomas, Rima Kallingal, Shine Tom Chacko, Roshan Mathew, and Chemban Vinod, cemented Abu’s reputation as a filmmaker of great insight and sensitivity.

‘The crossover of talent between different industries within Indian cinema is not just a testimony to the universality of the art form but also enriches the narrative and stylistic techniques employed by filmmakers. Aashiq Abu’s ‘Rifle Club’, with Anurag Kashyap’s involvement, stands as an archetype of this cross-pollination of talent, something that will, in turn, foster a greater understanding and appreciation among diverse film audiences’, stated a critic from a prominent film magazine.

Major strides like these underscore the shift in Indian cinema towards a more integrated and interconnected domain where established artists from one language circuit delve into others, thus fostering creative synergies and contributing to a richer, more varied cinematic tapestry.

As ‘Rifle Club’ gears up for its place on the silver screen, anticipation surges around not just the narrative it promises but also the remarkable collaboration it embodies. With Kashyap’s foray into Malayalam cinema, audiences are bracing for a powerful performance. In tandem with Abu’s visionary direction and the star-studded cast, ‘Rifle Club’ is set to be a significant marker in India’s ever-evolving cinematic journey.

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