Anupam Kher: Satish was very sensitive about ‘Kaagaz’ not releasing in theatres I Exclusive

The Indian film industry is preparing for the theatrical release of ‘Kaagaz 2’, a film that holds an emotional significance as it is the last one worked on by the late actor and filmmaker Satish Kaushik. Amid the anticipation and nostalgia, veteran actor Anupam Kher, playing a lead role in the movie, shared his thoughts in an exclusive conversation with, putting forth a heartwarming perspective that challenges the notion of labeling this work as Kaushik’s last.

Nearly a year has passed since the film fraternity mourned the loss of Satish Kaushik, yet his artistic spirit is poised for a resurgence with ‘Kaagaz 2’. Anupam Kher, a seasoned actor and long-time friend of Kaushik, stars in the upcoming sequel and carries a perspective that transcends the finality of a ‘last’ film. “I don’t see it as Satish’s last film,” expressed Kher. He expounded on the idea that films defy the boundaries of time, existing indefinitely, much like the works of cinematic legends such as Dileep Kumar.

Kher emphasized that ‘Kaagaz 2’ is not just a swansong for Kaushik but one of his finest films, asserting that its inherent value lies in its compelling subject matter. The story dives into the tumultuous impact of protests on individual lives, intertwining it with a call to action for contemporary audiences who crave narratives that reflect societal nuances with a blend of entertainment and intellectual stimulation.

The film is not just an exploration of sociopolitical themes but also a tapestry of relational dynamics and melodious harmonies, rendering it a special creation in diverse respects. Anupam Kher bears fond memories of Satish Kaushik’s exuberant personality and visionary ideas, which Kher believes will triumphantly resonate through this film.

Talking about sensitivity and passion, Kher recollects Kaushik’s dedicated involvement with ‘Kaagaz’, an earlier project that narrated the ordeal of a man wrongly declared dead. The poignant reaction Kaushik had when ‘Kaagaz’ did not make it to theatre screens is a testament to his deep connection with cinema as not just art but an immersive experience for audiences.

As one of the co-stars in ‘Kaagaz 2’, actor Darshan Kumaar gave insights into the film’s multilayered narrative, calling the story its true hero. Kumaar describes a plot woven with intricate issues of the day, touching upon youthful zeal, the repercussions of political rallies, the complexities of modern family life, and the profound influences on the young from marital discord. He encapsulates ‘Kaagaz 2’ as an emotional odyssey, rich in drama and laden with a resonant social message.

‘Kaagaz 2’ is set to grace cinemas on March 1, promising an ensemble cast featuring not only Anupam Kher and Darshan Kumaar but also welcoming the talents of Neena Gupta and Smriti Kalra in pivotal roles. The film, coupled with the affectionate memories of Satish Kaishik, awaits its moment to shine before audiences, offering them a chance to witness more than just a cinematic endnote but rather a piece that reinforces the lasting legacy of a cherished storyteller.

The full interview where Anupam Kher delves into his reflections can be caught on, offering a deeper understanding of ‘Kaagaz 2’ and its place as a significant landmark in the chronicles of Indian cinema. The scheduled release is not merely a moment in time but an opportunity for cinephiles and admirers of Satish Kaushik’s work to relive his artistic triumphs and celebrate the timeless quality of films that continue to touch hearts beyond the ages.

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