‘Animal’ Star Siddhant Karnick Open to Romance with Co-Star Triptii Dimri Amid Personal Revelations

In a remarkable twist away from the big screen, Siddhant Karnick, known for his striking performance in the recent cinematic hit ‘Animal’, made headlines with his candid confession about his personal life and aspirations for romance. The actor, who rose to prominence with his role in the Sandeep Reddy Vanga directorial, has openly expressed his fondness for his co-star, Triptii Dimri.

It was during an interview with the entertainment portal Filmygyan that Siddhant Karnick revealed his interest in dating his ‘Animal’ co-star, stating simply, “I would love to date Triptii Dimri.” This straightforward admission has set tongues wagging in the industry, as dating rumors and relationship details are always a subject of intrigue among the audience.

Yet the contemplation of a new beginning in Siddhant’s personal life comes after the closure of a previous chapter. The actor was previously wed to Megha Gupta, with the couple exchanging vows in 2016. Their union, however, encountered challenges leading them down a path prompting their official separation in 2020 after four years of marriage. Notably, prior to her marriage with Siddhant, Megha Gupta was married to film distributor-turned-fitness trainer Aditya Shroff.

On the professional front, Siddhant’s role in ‘Animal’ particularly caught the attention of movie enthusiasts. Portraying the brother-in-law to Ranbir Kapoor’s character, he made a significant impact with his performance. Despite his character’s death at the hands of Ranbir Kapoor’s Rannvijay Singh, ending his run in the franchise’s first installment, his contribution to the film’s success was undoubted. Unfortunately, fans will not see his return in the sequel, intriguingly titled ‘Animal Park’.

The development of his role was not without its challenges, as Siddhant recounted in an interview with mid-day.com. The character’s trajectory in Hindi cinema historically might have given pause to any actor, but Siddhant was reassured by the director’s precise vision. “When Sandeep sir told me about this critical scene, he completely broke it down in shot divisions — from detailing about camera angles to playing the background score that would actually accompany that scene — I was sold,” reminisced the actor. The experience, according to him, was both enriching and a significant learning opportunity.

‘Animal’ stormed the box office as one of 2023’s biggest blockbusters, weaving a storyline centered on a convoluted father-son dynamic, leading to a visceral quest for revenge in the wake of an assassination attempt. Apart from Ranbir Kapoor, the film boasted a stellar cast including Bobby Deol, Anil Kapoor, and Rashmika Mandanna.

But who is Siddhant Karnick? His career began with a splash in the television realm, his debut on the teen romantic drama series ‘Remix’ catching many an eye. His journey in entertainment saw him transition to the silver screen, featuring in notable films like ‘Thappad’ and ‘Adipurush’, as well as earning accolades for his role in the second season of the web series ‘Made In Heaven’.

Parallel to Siddhant’s revelations about his personal life, Triptii Dimri’s own romantic endeavors have been the subject of public attention. She has been linked to businessman Sam Merchant, with the pair being spotted in Mumbai post a shopping escapade. Triptii’s past includes a relationship with producer Karnesh Ssharma, brother to actress Anushka Sharma.

As the industry and fans alike buzz with the possible budding romance between Siddhant and Triptii, it is yet to be seen whether their on-screen chemistry might translate into real-world sparks. Beyond the glamour and the glitz, these developments remind us that stars, too, navigate the complex waters of personal relationships and desires, much like their fans.

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