An initiation into India’s art world courtesy Gallery G’s The Masters & The Modern

A visual feast awaits art enthusiasts at Gallery G, where the essence of India’s rich artistic heritage is on splendid display. “The Masters & The Modern: An Amalgamation of the Old & New World Classics,” an enchanting exhibition, extends an open invitation for the public to immerse themselves in the masterpieces crafted by some of India’s most esteemed artists.

Following the success of a similarly named show in 2021, curator Archana Shenoy brings forth what could be seen as a spiritual successor, continuing the tradition of showcasing preeminent Indian artists. “During our 2021 event, we showcased works from Indian legends like Raja Ravi Varma, Jamini Roy, Abanindranath Tagore, and others. The title ‘The Masters & The Modern’ encapsulated our goal and gave us the latitude to explore the rich tapestry of Indian art,” describes Archana.

Contrasting the previous iteration, this exhibition introduces the public to a different palette of artists, particularly those who may not ring familiar. The collection includes prodigious names from the Calcutta Artists’ Group, the Bombay Progressive Artists’ Group, and the Progressive Painter’s Association of Madras. Featured artists include K H Ara, Ram Kumar, Manu Parekh, A Ramachandran, KG Subramanyan, Badri Narayan, Achuthan Kudallur, Bose Krishnamachari, Prokash Karmakar, FN Souza, Ganesh Pyne, and Isha Mahammad, amongst others. Each Saturday, the gallery offers curated walkthroughs, providing insight into the unique styles and creative processes of these extraordinary talents.

“Our goal at Gallery G transcends mere enjoyment or purchasing of art; we strive for our audience to leave with newfound knowledge and inspiration. Several pieces showcased here are remarkable and rare,” states Archana. For this exhibit, works of M F Hussain take a detour from the artist’s iconic equine motifs, instead featuring his architectural drawings and lesser-known facets, such as furniture design.

One example on display is an untitled Hussain piece, dating back to February 18, 1985, which depicts the envisioned plan of an office space. This artwork offers a glimpse into the creative breadth and multi-disciplinary approach embraced by such artists during their careers. The display refrains from featuring Hussain’s popular horse imagery to broaden the understanding and appreciation of his diverse body of work.

Compiling the exhibition was a meticulous venture that spanned over six months, the result of which is an assembly of 65 exquisite paintings—absent of any sculptures—by 22 of India’s most high-profile artists. This cultural congregation displays the profoundness and evolution of Indian artistry, bridging the gap between past and present,

The Masters & The Modern boasts a rich narrative of Indian expression through art, which will be on display until March 31 at Gallery G, located on Lavelle Road. Art admirers are encouraged to call and book their slots for the curated walkthroughs, a day in advance, to fully experience the nuanced story each artwork narrates.

These carefully chosen works collectively underscore the unparalleled legacy and continuing evolution of Indian art, offering a reflective journey not just through aesthetic forms but through India’s dynamic history and the creative spirits that have shaped it. Gallery G’s exhibition stands testament to an enduring dialogue between the venerable masters of yesteryears and the visionary modernists of today, creating an intergenerational continuum of artistic excellence.

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