Amy Jackson: Empowering to see women doing action

As the stage is set for the upcoming extreme sports film “Crakk”, anticipation builds around the high-octane action portrayal not just by its lead actor Vidyut Jammwal but also by his dynamic co-star, Amy Jackson. The film, directed by Aditya Datt, takes audiences into the adrenaline-fueled world of underground extreme sports through the eyes of a man whose origins lie in the slums.

Amy Jackson joins the ranks with Vidyut, playing a role that requires her to perform death-defying stunts, bringing a message of strength and empowerment to young girls. With her eyes set on cinematic thrill, Jackson took on the challenge of meeting the benchmark set by her illustrious co-star, having commenced her career in front of the camera at the tender age of 15. Her participation in “Crakk” marks a significant milestone in a journey that has been punctuated with a search for roles that allow her to push her boundaries.

Undergoing a grueling training regime was essential in preparing for her demanding role. “Vidyut’s dedication to the action genre has always inspired me,” remarks Jackson. She delved deep into research for her character by watching all of Jammwal’s films and blending various martial arts forms into her training routine, such as boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai, to reach a comprehensive understanding of the physical demands her role would require.

The emergence of female characters in Hindi cinema, who hold their own in action sequences parallel to their male counterparts, is a progression that Jackson warmly welcomes. She is a strong advocate for the representation of women in roles that break past the traditional molds. “Seeing women in action roles in movies is powerful; it shows young girls that they can be strong and resilient,” she says, adding that this notion is now even reflected in contemporary Disney movies where princesses are depicted as self-reliant heroes.

Away from the thrill and challenges of professional acting, Jackson’s personal life has been marked by joyous celebration, as she recently got engaged to actor Ed Westwick. Known for his iconic role as Chuck Bass in “Gossip Girl,” Westwick’s appeal to Jackson seemingly lies in his blend of sensitivity and boldness, a combination that she finds endearing in both his personal and professional life.

“Crakk” is more than just a sports film; it is a platform that showcases how the Hindi film industry has evolved to embrace the portrayal of women in diverse and robust roles. This film is expected to resonate with audiences, further fueling discussions around gender roles in modern storytelling and perhaps influencing future generations of filmmakers and actors.

With the spotlight on Amy Jackson, as she prepares to give life to a character that embodies the gritty and empowering attributes that she holds in high regard, “Crakk” is positioning itself as a cinematic experience that is not to be missed. The portrayal of women in action-centered narratives is a testament to the shifting paradigms in cinema and represents a step forward in the depiction and perception of female strength in the medium of film.

As the reels of “Crakk” prepare to roll and captivate the audiences, cinema-goers are poised to witness not just the exhilarating narrative journey of its characters but also a celebration of the empowered woman, standing equal in every punch, kick, and stunt performed on screen, much akin to their male colleagues.

The passion and dedication with which Amy Jackson has approached her role in “Crakk” is a powerful statement in itself, echoing the sentiment that on-screen representation matters and that the female force in cinema, once relegated to the background, is now confidently stepping into the limelight to inspire and empower.

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