American synthwave duo The Midnight to headline the 2nd edition of Bloomverse Festival

A fusion of musical ecstasy and botanical elegance awaits at the Bloomverse Festival’s second edition, returning this spring to the natural splendor of Meghalaya. The event promises to merge the allure of the region’s vibrant flora at its peak with the enthralling beats of international and local artists, offering an immersive sonic experience that seems to redefine outdoor festivity.

As the sun rises over Meghalaya, music enthusiasts are marking their calendars for a special day at the Bloomverse Music Festival, set to take place at the Umiam Water Sports Complex in Umiam, beginning 4 pm on February 24. As the daylight fades into dusk and the stars begin their nightly spectacle, festivalgoers can look forward to the headlining act, The Midnight, an American synthwave duo known for their evocative blend of retro synth and modern pop sounds.

Skillbox, an arts community and ticketing platform, is at the helm of the festival, crafting this unique event with more than just music in mind. Anmol Kukreja, co-founder, and CEO of SkillBox, reflects on what makes Bloomverse stand apart from the plethora. The festival encapsulates its ethos through performances set against Meghalaya’s awe-inspiring landscapes, ranging from tranquil acoustic sessions in hidden groves to exuberant dance fests under the night sky.

A sense of déjà vu may settle over the returning attendees; over 2,500 of them have signed up, paralleling the stellar turnout last year, testifying to the festival’s initial success. This year’s structure varies slightly, consolidating onto one state-of-the-art stage, unlike the previous event which featured dual stages highlighting electronic and live performances by prominent artists including Anuv Jain and indie darlings like Lifafa and Blot!.

Amidst the verdant backdrops, the lineup spans a mix of genres and origin, showcasing both local talents and acclaimed international acts. A canvas of melodic colors will paint the festival with artists like the alternative/ambient rock tunes of Nagaland’s Polar Lights, whose recent album garnered an impressive half a million listens in just seven months. Joining them will be the eclectic sounds of Nokpante, a versatile multi-genre band hailing from Tura, Meghalaya, whose portfolio includes everything from folk to acoustic pop.

Leading the international portion of the lineup, The Midnight comes equipped with five studio albums, a live album, and two collaborations. Comprising Tyler Lyle, an Atlanta-based singer-songwriter, and Tim McEwan, a Danish-born producer, and singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, their enthralling act eagerly anticipated by many.

One more dynamic act not to miss is Meba Ofilia, whose journey began in 2016, making ripples in the Shillong indie scene with her unique hip hop and R&B-influenced sound. Her performance is sure to offer a bold statement of the region’s burgeoning musical talent.

Beyond music, Bloomverse elevates the festival atmosphere with The Mini Bazaar, a pop-up market, curated by Rudy Marak, which pushes forward women-led small-scale enterprises. Festivalgoers can indulge in handcrafted delights ranging from macramé décor by Craft Star by Chetry to Homespun’s crocheting. Paintings, candles, and soaps by Oeuvre and You will also feature, enriching the cultural mosaic of the bazaar, alongside a whimsical Polaroid photobooth.

As the countdown begins, the air of anticipation grows thicker with excitement. The Bloomverse Music Festival invites one and all to experience the symphony of nature intertwined with the reverberation of music, all while fostering a vibrant community of artists and artisans. With tickets starting at ₹2,499 available at, attendees are set to embark on a sensorial journey that stretches beyond the auditory realm and deep into the heart of collaborative artistry. Watch this space, for the festival might just be the beginning note of your most unforgettable travel symphony.

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