Alia Bhatt boards Richie Mehta’s ‘Poacher’ series as executive producer

The entertainment landscape is abuzz with the latest announcement from Prime Video – the renowned streaming service has made it known that celebrated actor Alia Bhatt is expanding her horizons in the film industry by taking on the role of executive producer. Her debut project under this title is the eagerly anticipated Amazon original series ‘Poacher,’ directed by none other than Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Richie Mehta, notable for his work on the critically acclaimed series ‘Delhi Crime.’

Set to premiere on the platform on February 23, ‘Poacher’ is a production venture of QC Entertainment, a company that is recognized for pushing the envelopes of storytelling. The series thrusts viewers into the heart of a gripping crime drama that illuminates the dark underbelly of wildlife crime, unraveling the intricate workings of the largest known ivory poaching racket in Indian history.

Anchored in real-life events, the narrative promises to peel back the layers of conspiracy and silence that shroud the dense forests where this illicit trade thrives. Prime Video teased the series on social media, showcasing Alia Bhatt’s involvement and setting the stage for a dramatic exploration of the criminal depths plundered by poachers:

“beneath the silence, the forest reveals a deadly conspiracy… and the hunt for the Poacher begins! Alia Bhatt comes on board as #ExecutiveProducer on #PoacherOnPrime, a new Amazon Original Crime series, Feb 23. @aliaa08 #RichieMehta @_QCEnt @NimishaSajayan @roshanmathew22…”

Alia Bhatt’s association with ‘Poacher’ is through her production company, Eternal Sunshine Productions. The venture marks a pivotal moment for her and her team, reflecting a commitment to shedding light on pressing global issues. In a heartfelt statement, Bhatt shared her personal connection with the project:

“The impact of Poacher was deeply personal, and Richie’s portrayal of the urgent issue of wildlife crime resonated strongly with me and the team. The storytelling genuinely moved me, especially knowing it’s based on true events that shed light on brutal crimes occurring in our forests. I am confident that Poacher will serve as an eye-opener, delivering a powerful message to be more compassionate and considerate towards all living beings. It’s a call to embrace coexistence and I am genuinely thrilled to be collaborating with Richie, QC, and Prime Video and to contribute to this narrative.”

QC Entertainment’s principals Edward H Hamm, Raymond Mansfield, and Sean McKittrick expressed their elation at Bhatt’s involvement, highlighting her proven track record as not only a world-class actress but also a philanthropist whose actions reflect a desire to utilize her influence for the greater good.

Richie Mehta serves as the creative force behind ‘Poacher,’ having written, created, and directed the series. The show boasts a diverse and talented ensemble cast, with actors such as Nimisha Sajayan, Roshan Mathew, and Dibyendu Bhattacharya playing pivotal roles. ‘Poacher’ will navigate the linguistic landscape of India, as the storytelling unfolds in Malayalam, Hindi, and English, promising to engage a broad audience.

The partnership between a force like Prime Video and talents such as Richie Mehta and Alia Bhatt suggests a new age of Indian storytelling, fashioned for a global audience. As the debut of ‘Poacher’ approaches, anticipation builds for a series that promises to not just entertain but also enlighten viewers on the intricacies of wildlife conservation and the urgency of combating the illegal trade that threatens it.

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