Alia Bhatt-backed ‘Poacher’ to be expanded into a global series?

In a recent reveal, it has been reported that Amazon Prime Video’s made-in-India series titled Poacher may soon transcend its national borders to become a worldwide sensation. This news was disclosed by the prestigious entertainment media outlet Variety, which underlined that the show, given its universal theme, has the potential to evolve into a global franchise. Scheduled to make its debut on February 23, Poacher is a captivating fictional narrative woven from the threads of real-life occurrences.

The show delves deep into the illegal ivory trade, unfolding an intricate poaching network within the lush forests of Kerala. Its storyline grips the audience, charting the paths of those involved in these nefarious activities. The stellar cast of the eight-part series includes Nimisha Sajayan, Roshan Mathew, and Dibyendu Bhattacharya, all of whom have brought sincerity and intensity to their roles.

At the helm of this ambitious project is acclaimed director Richie Mehta, known for his impactful work on Delhi Crime (2019) and the insightful documentary India in a Day. Adding to the series’ notable credentials is the involvement of Alia Bhatt as an executive producer, marking yet another achievement in her diversifying career.

Building upon the rich tapestry of its first season, creators are already drafting a second installment. While the upcoming chapters will continue to unfold in India, the creators have not barred their sights from international horizons. In response to Variety’s query regarding global expansion, Mehta shared an enlightening perspective.

“My short answer to that is, this is obvious,” declared Mehta, underscoring the cross-border nature of wildlife crime. “It’s a global phenomenon. And I knew when I was researching this, every single person I was dealing with had ties to different countries. And they were doing wildlife crime operations, multinationally and so that already for me was like, ‘Oh my God, this story is particularly residing in India, but where this can go can be anywhere and everywhere.’”

Richie Mehta’s insight reveals the intricate global web spun by illegal wildlife trade, emphasizing the relevance and extensive scope that the show could potentially encompass.

Mehta was recently present at the London premiere of Poacher, along with Bhatt, where buzz around the series became increasingly palpable among international circles. Critics and enthusiasts alike speculate that the groundwork has been laid for Poacher to captivate a global audience, following a trajectory similar to several internationally lauded Indian productions in recent years.

The gritty series, which brings together an enthralling blend of suspense, drama, and environmental consciousness, is positioned to stir a global conversation about wildlife crimes and their far-reaching consequences. By focusing on ivory poaching, the show not only entertains but also educates viewers about the perils facing endangered species due to this illegal trade.

With its forthcoming release, Poacher aims to hook viewers with a gripping storyline while subtly evoking thoughts on broader environmental and ethical issues. The show’s anticipation suggests that Indian cinema and television have the potential to not only reflect native stories but also address universal concerns, thus breaking barriers and resonating on a worldwide platform.

The envisioned expansion of Poacher into a global franchise represents an exciting development for Indian-originated content on streaming platforms, potentially leading the way for other productions to dream beyond their geographical confines and into the hearts of a universal audience. As anticipation builds up ahead of its premiere, Poacher is on the verge of proving that stories rooted in local soil can indeed flourish and spread their influence across the globe.

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