Alia Bhatt Accused of Double Standards After Displaying Calf Leather Bag Amid Environmental Advocacy

Alia Bhatt, the acclaimed actress and producer known for her compelling performances on the silver screen, recently attended a high-profile Gucci event in Mumbai, casting a wave of elegance accompanied by a whiff of controversy. Donning an impeccable blue-black pantsuit with a plunging neckline, Bhatt commanded the night with her poised and assertive presence, exuding both sophistication and daring allure. Her ensemble spoke of her keen eye for fashion as she graced the event as Gucci’s first-ever Indian global brand ambassador – a title she took on in early 2023.

With her role in the fashion realm firmly established, Bhatt has been featured prominently at various Gucci events, traversing both domestic and international platforms. At this particular gathering, her sartorial choice was complemented by a striking statement necklace that accentuated her look. The actress, hailing from the widely successful film Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani, brought her impeccable sense of style to the forefront, effortlessly embodying the blend of luxury and modernity.

However, amidst the admiring glances and camera flashes, a controversy began to take shape. The spotlight shifted from Bhatt’s outfit to an accessory in her grip – a Gucci bag reportedly crafted from calfskin, retailing at a staggering $2800. This seemingly innocuous detail escalated into a fervent discussion online, as netizens and Reddit users questioned the moral alignment of her fashion choice with her publicly declared environmental advocacy.

The revelation that the bag was made of calfskin struck a discordant note with many, given the actress’s association with ‘Poacher,’ her recently globally released series that delves into the detrimental impacts of illegal poaching, with a particular focus on the plight of elephants victimized for their ivory. The online community was swift to respond, with one Redditor emphatically calling for greater scrutiny of the actress’s actions, denouncing the hypocrisy of promoting environmentalism while flaunting products manufactured from animal leather.

Another user pointed out that Alia Bhatt missed an opportunity to align her public image with animal rights, suggesting that opting for a non-leather alternative could have positioned her as an animal rights ambassador for Gucci, leveraging the positive press garnered from ‘Poacher.’ They lamented how this incident had, unfortunately, cast the actress in a hypocritical light.

While Alia Bhatt has not yet responded to the swell of criticism, her advocacy and the content of ‘Poacher’ stand as a testament to her commitment to environmental issues. The hard-hitting series provides a gripping, albeit fictionalized, narrative of the relentless battle against illegal ivory poaching in India’s dense forests and bustling cities. The collective efforts of a dedicated team, comprising officers from the Indian Forest Service, NGO workers, police personnel, and benevolent citizens, coalesce into a riveting and heart-wrenching tale of justice in pursuit of those who would decimate the nation’s wildlife.

As the dust settles on this unfolding story, the public eagerly awaits a statement from Bhatt, which could shed light on her perspective and perhaps clarify her stance on the matter. This incident has stirred a debate that touches upon the complexities of celebrity influence, ethical fashion, and the authenticity of activism in the public eye. For now, the debate continues, with opinions sharply divided and the narrative of Alia Bhatt’s unassailable style tainted by an unexpected ethical dilemma.

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