The Valentine’s air rang with nostalgia and tender moments as Bollywood actress Alaya F shared a pleasantly surprising video on Instagram. In a heartwarming celebration of the day of love, the young starlet and her mother, noted actress Pooja Bedi, were seen swaying to the mellifluous tune of ‘Pehla Nasha.’ This classic song is from the hit movie ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar,’ which had featured none other than Pooja Bedi alongside Aamir Khan. The poignant and joyous dance video not only captured hearts but also created a stir across various digital platforms.

Alaya F’s Valentine special!
Commencing the video with her finely honed dance prowess, Alaya F brought an infectious joy to viewers as she gracefully moved to ‘Pehla Nasha’s’ iconic notes. Her electric presence on the ‘dance floor’ of social media set forth a vibrant yet intimate mood, perfect for Valentine’s Day. Adding to the wholesomeness, Pooja Bedi joined her offspring mid-way, infusing an extra dose of nostalgia and the unmistakable warmth that exists between a mother and her daughter.

Their fluid movements and impeccable synchronization transcended the digital divide, forming an ideal Valentine’s Day present that was ardently embraced by their audience. The choice of this evergreen love anthem, coupled with their mutual fondness for dance, struck a chord with fans, projecting love and cheer in abundance.

Alaya F on choosing films and completing four years
Marking her sublime entrance into Bollywood with ‘Jawaani Jaaneman’ in 2020, Alaya, daughter of Pooja Bedi and granddaughter of the legendary Kabir Bedi, recently completed four memorable years in the film industry. Reflecting on her journey so far, the actress opened up in an exclusive interaction with, where she shared her perspectives on her film selections, the impact of her cinematic heritage, the assessments in line with her peers, and much more.

One of the pointed questions raised was about her criteria in choosing a film—be it commercial success, script quality, or critical reception. Addressing this inquiry, Alaya F delineated her approach, stating, “For me, it’s the co-actor, the producer, the director, and the script. At least two things have to align; if two out of these four align, it’s a project I’m interested in. If less than two things align, then it’s not something I’m interested in. All my films have had at least two of these things align, whether it’s sometimes the script and the co-actor, sometimes the director, or sometimes all. I think it’s mainly that, and then a lot of gut feeling, and finding the right opportunities. You have to make the most out of it, fight for the opportunities you’re getting, and fight for the opportunities you’re not getting, and then just hope for the best.”

This holistic approach to selecting film roles underlines the multifaceted decision-making process involved in the careers of actors, especially those emerging from cinematic families. Alaya’s remarks give an insight into the young actress’s determination and also the wise comprehension of the intricacies within the competitive Bollywood landscape.

The Valentine’s Day video featuring Alaya and Pooja Bedi became more than just a dance clip; it was a snippet of life that admirably illustrated their close relationship while celebrating their love for cinema and for each other. This heartwarming display brought delightful enthusiasm to their fans and a dash of romance to everyone who chanced upon it on the day dedicated to love. As Alaya F carries forward her family’s legacy in film, her actions both on-screen and off seem poised to keep capturing the public’s affection with as much allure as the dance that graced her followers on the 14th of February.

By IPL Agent

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