Akshay Kumar to present documentary on Sardar Patel’s Statue of Unity

In a move celebrating the deep-rooted sense of oneness that permeates the country’s ethos, Bollywood icon Akshay Kumar is set to helm the presentation of a momentous documentary titled ‘Statue of Unity: Ekta Ka Prateek’. The documentary, directed by prominent filmmaker Aanand L Rai, serves as a panoramic tribute to the unifying spirit of India, as embodied in the monumental Statue of Unity and the legacy of the great leader it represents, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

The 40-minute film offers an immersive experience into the colossal project’s conception and realization, chronicling a journey from an auspicious vision to its towering actuality. Towering at 182 meters, the Statue of Unity does not just break records for its height but represents the total number of constituencies in Gujarat’s State Legislative Assembly, symbolizing a wider principle of integral governance.

Akshay Kumar voices his pride in being associated with the project, saying, “Being part of ‘Statue of Unity: Ekta Ka Prateek’ has been an incredibly humbling experience for me. It’s about honouring the great spirit of unity that resonates within every Indian.” He hopes the documentary will stir the national consciousness, reminding citizens of the power that lies within collective purpose and shared history.

Audiences are in for revelations as the documentary unveils the unique initiative led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat. The initiative sought contributions of iron from over six lakh villages, each donating old farming tools, reminiscent of Patel’s engagement with the agrarian community during the struggle for India’s independence. Likewise, the use of soil from various parts of India in building the statue reinforces the motif of unity that it stands for.

The film’s narrative progresses, unfolding the extensive efforts behind crafting the Statue of Unity. From concept to construction, viewers are invited to witness the transformative impact this landmark project has had on the local community of Kevadia, now reshaped into Ekta Nagar. The transformation is embraced by the locals, with the town flourishing into a bustling hub of tourism and development.

Aanand L Rai shares his perspective on revolution and unity, stating, “Revolutions are created by people when they come together for a bigger purpose, guided by visionaries who lead and inspire. Sardar Patel was one such visionary who advocated the significance of unity in the process of nation-building.” He elaborates that the documentary pays homage to Patel’s influential role in forming a cohesive India and captures the ascension of Kevadia from modest beginnings to an acclaimed international attraction.

Highlighting the stories of individuals and communities uplifted by the project, the film showcases the positive ripple effects of such a grand scheme. It navigates through a series of impressive tourist spots nearby the Statue of Unity, complemented by the natural splendor of the region’s flora and fauna.

In a testament to its allure, the destination has seen a record turnout with up to 50,000 visitors in a single day, underlining its significance not just as a tribute to a historical figure but as a modern-day marvel attracting scores of people from across the globe as well as from within the nation.

Mark your calendars, for the documentary is slated to make its premiere on History TV18 on the 8th of March. This documentary is not just a film; it is a reflection of India’s heart—beating in unison, in remembrance, and in honor of Sardar Patel’s enduring vision of unity.

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