Akshay Kumar ‘kept calling’ Shreyas Talpade’s wife after the actor suffered heart attack

In a recent revelation that highlights the camaraderie within the Hindi and Marathi film industries, actor Shreyas Talpade’s spouse, Deepti Talpade, shared heartfelt details about the overwhelming support they received following Shreyas’s sudden medical emergency. Shreyas Talpade, famed for his roles in successful films such as the ‘Golmaal’ series, was struck by a heart attack, causing grave concern among his colleagues, fans, and friends.

This distressing event came as a shock to many, with fans and fellow actors alike anxiously awaiting updates on his condition. Speaking on ABP’s popular talk show ‘Majha Katta,’ Deepti opened up about those harrowing moments and the ensuing days. She recounted the immense support that poured in immediately, with notable mentions of the film fraternity’s concern and generosity, specifically highlighting how fellow actor Akshay Kumar went above and beyond during this critical time.

The night Shreyas suffered the heart attack, he was promptly taken to Bellevue Hospital in Andheri where he underwent an urgent angioplasty procedure. It was a night rife with anxiety, but it was also a night when the strength of human solidarity shone through. “When the news broke out, Shreyas’ director, Ahmed Khan, and his wife undauntedly came to the hospital at 11 pm. They were with me,” shared Deepti during her interview.

In an impressive display of commitment and concern, Akshay Kumar, who was in the midst of shooting with Shreyas for their upcoming comedy ‘Welcome to the Jungle,’ reached out multiple times. “Akshay kept calling me, inquiring if we should shift Shreyas to a different hospital for better care. The next morning, he called again, asking to visit just to see Shreyas for even two minutes,” Deepti recalled. His gestures highlighted an industry known for competition also being a family when it matters most.

It wasn’t just Akshay Kumar—Deepti’s story shines a light on the collective spirit of the film fraternity, coming together in support of one of their own. As news of Shreyas’ condition spread, the wave of concern and good wishes from industry insiders mirrored the worries of his fanbase, illustrating the impact the actor has made through his work.

Following Shreyas’ recovery and discharge from the hospital, Deepti took to Instagram to express her gratitude. She penned a heartfelt message, sharing not only the joy of Shreyas’ return to safety and health but also conveying a renewed faith born from this experience. “My life, Shreyas, is back home… safe and sound,” she wrote. She voiced a fundamental shift in her beliefs, attributing Shreyas’ recovery to a higher power and vowing never to question its existence again.

Work waits for no one, and as life returned to its routine, so did the film industry. ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ resumed filming on a Wednesday in Mumbai, showcasing a stellar cast that includes not just Shreyas and Akshay, but also Raveena Tandon, Disha Patani, Jacqueline Fernandez, Lara Dutta, and a string of other notable actors who are part and parcel of the project.

The story of Shreyas Talpade’s frightening medical ordeal and his subsequent rebound is a testament to his resilience and the power of collective support from loved ones and the community. Beyond headlines and entertainment, this incident serves as a poignant reminder of the tender humanity that often underscores life in the limelight. Akshay Kumar’s persistent concern and the collective response of the film industry to Shreyas’ dire health situation exemplify an enduring solidarity that transcends the screen, uniting this unique community in times of need.

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