Akasa Air hits back at Mannara Chopra who slammed them for being rude

Recent reports have illuminated a brewing controversy between Bollywood actress Mannara Chopra and Akasa Air, following a Twitter dispute in which Chopra accused the airline staff of rudeness and raised a complaint regarding her luggage. In the wake of Mannara Chopra’s public denouncement of Akasa Air for alleged misbehavior, the airline has issued an official response addressing the incident and defending its customer service policies.

Mannara Chopra, perhaps best known for her dramatic journey on the ‘Bigg Boss 17’ reality show where she was one of the top three finalists, took to social media a few days ago to share her grievances with Akasa Air. The actress’s posts painted a picture of an undesirable travel experience—allegedly the second of its kind with the said airline. She claimed that in her first encounter, her luggage had suffered damage while in the care of the airline. The recent instance, according to her statement, involved her facing rudeness from the airline’s personnel.

The airline was quick to respond to Mannara’s initial tweet. They expressed their regret for any inconvenience caused but emphasized their inability to comply with her request for a fee waiver. The story took a turn as Akasa Air released a more detailed statement regarding the matter, standing their ground on policy adherence and customer treatment protocols.

In a comprehensive public statement, the airline repudiated Mannara Chopra’s demands as unreasonable based on the Akasa Air customer service and baggage policy. “Hi Mannara, in reference to your travel on Akasa Air flight QP 1719 from Delhi to Mumbai on February 18, 2024, we would like to clarify the situation,” they began, addressing the situation directly. The airline highlighted that it diligently follows a baggage policy wherein check-in baggage exceeding the 15 kg limit incurs excess fees. Mannara’s luggage had surpassed this limit, and despite her requests, the policy stood firm on the necessity of the excess baggage fee.

The actress’s desire for a seat upgrade was also a part of the contention. “Seating in our front row (A+ seat) requires advance booking and incurs an additional fee which cannot be waived,” the statement continued. Akasa Air clarified that these coveted front row seats were already reserved. Nonetheless, demonstrating their commitment to passenger comfort, they mentioned accommodating Mannara in an emergency row seat, which also qualifies as an A+ seat due to the additional legroom and comfort it offers.

Akasa Air’s commitment to service quality and customer satisfaction was heavily emphasized throughout their response. “Our teams exercise extreme caution and sensitivity when handling passenger concerns,” they stated. Seeking to mend the relationship and re-establish a foundation of mutual understanding, they invited Chopra and the public to appreciate the challenges airline staff face in applying uniform policies to all travelers. Lastly, they conveyed their regrets over any perceived shortcomings in their service and pledged to strive for continued improvement.

This incident offers a glimpse into Mannara Chopra’s life beyond her professional career. She recently attracted media attention when discussing her intricate relationship with another actress, Ankita Lokhande, and Ankita’s husband, Vicky Jain. Mannara’s interactions with Vicky, who she affectionately calls “Vicky bhaiya,” have stirred some turbulence among the trio, giving rise to speculation and commentary within the entertainment industry.

Akasa Air’s episode with Mannara Chopra showcases the sometimes conflicting expectations between well-known personalities and service providers. While the airline firmly upholds its policies, it also shows a readiness to engage and address such matters publicly, maintaining a dialogue aimed at achieving customer satisfaction within the bounds of its operational framework. The airline ended the statement by issuing well-wishes for Chopra’s swift recovery, likely referencing health or emotional well-being in light of the stressful event, thus closing their response with a note of empathy and professionalism.

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