Agastya Nanda is ready to step into the limelight by joining the voices of his prominent family members on the podcast ‘What The Hell Navya.’ The show, already popular for its candid and insightful conversations spearheaded by his sister Navya Naveli Nanda, mother Shweta Bachchan Nanda, and grandmother Jaya Bachchan, seems set to gain a new vigor from Agastya’s contribution.

In anticipation of an engaging episode, a sneak peek hints at Agastya Nanda embracing a discussion on gender dynamics and personal growth by acknowledging the influence of both masculine and feminine energies in shaping one’s character. The young Nanda’s profound perspective takes his mother by surprise, eliciting an endearing response as she comments, “Agastya, I didn’t realize you were so wise.”

Agastya, who has matured within the spheres of the Nanda and Bachchan households, credits his growth to the presence and impact of strong-willed and outspoken women. With eloquence, he remarks, “I have grown up surrounded by very strong, opinionated women… And you all are a watered-down version of each other. Nani (Jaya Bachchan) is at the top (points upwards), then mom, and then you (Navya). But I understand that you all share the same essence.” Such reflections provide listeners with a unique window into the familial dynamics and generational wisdom that pervade the Bachchan household.

Coming to ‘What The Hell Navya,’ the podcast has now ventured into the visual realm, offering both auditory and visual content for its growing audience. The inaugural episode of its new season, entitled ‘Women at Work,’ presents the trio of Navya, Jaya, and Shweta exchanging thoughts on the vistas and hurdles encountered by working women today.

The episode kicks off with Navya explaining newer concepts like side hustles to her grandmother, illuminating changing work culture paradigms. Jaya, ever the wordsmith, retorts with humor upon learning of her granddaughter’s varied internet ventures, stating, “I provide meals to people who make my memes.”

The podcast also delves into the realm of social media trends, particularly one that has been unwittingly inspired by Jaya Bachchan herself. The term ‘Jaya-ing’ has come to signify a manner of expression that is unapologetically authentic and indifferent to external judgment—perhaps a fitting tribute to the matriarch’s known candor. The family’s reaction to this coined term and its implications was mixed, with Navya and Shweta discussing its nuances before Jaya dismissed it with a grace only a veteran actress could muster, acknowledging that despite its negative undertones, she takes it all in stride.

Agastya Nanda’s upcoming appearance on such an interactive platform offers a promising expansion to the already vibrant intergenerational discourse the show is known for. Through spirited banter and shared reflections, the Bachchan family offers a distinctive lens on life, fame, and personal evolution, speaking to their audience with an authenticity and relatability that crosses the boundary of their substantial celebrity. With Agastya’s addition to the show, listeners are sure to enjoy a deepened narrative infused with the unique insights of the younger generation as they navigate the legacy of their illustrious family.

By IPL Agent

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