Academy Award-Winner Ariana DeBose to Star in Ke Huy Quan’s Romantic Outing ‘With Love’

Universal Pictures’ upcoming feature ‘With Love’ is gathering an ensemble that promises dazzling performances with the most recent addition of Oscar-winner Ariana DeBose. Bringing more star wattage to the romantic drama, DeBose joins Ke Huy Quan, riding high off his recent Academy Award win for best-supporting actor.

Fresh off her critically acclaimed victory for her role in Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of “West Side Story,” DeBose will dive into the heart of English cinema with her involvement in ‘With Love.’ The project is penned by a collaborative team, with Josh Stoddard, Luke Passmore, and Matthew Murray contributing their writing prowess to the screenplay.

‘With Love’ symbolizes an exciting expansion for Jonathan Eusebio, a revered name in the world of stunts and combat for the silver screen, as he steps up to helm the film – a directorial debut that is anticipated to benefit immensely from his experience orchestrating action-packed sequences.

The film will mark Quan’s much-awaited return to a leading role following his Oscar success, entwining his narrative of renaissance with a promising new venture that blends the genres of romance and drama. His compelling journey, beginning as a child actor in iconic blockbusters such as ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’ and ‘The Goonies,’ took a transformative leap with his powerful performance in ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once,’ etching his name in cinema history.

David Leitch, whose credits include action-oriented films like ‘Atomic Blonde’ and ‘Nobody,’ is set to produce alongside 87North’s dynamic duo, Kelly McCormick and Guy Danella. The production powerhouses bring with them a pedigree of successful features and a flair for storytelling that captivates audiences globally.

DeBose’s trajectory is equally impressive and meteoric. Her portrayal of Anita in ‘West Side Story’ not only clinched her an Oscar but also secured her the BAFTA, Critics Choice, and SAG Awards, underscoring her versatility and magnetic screen presence. With a pipeline of intriguing projects, DeBose continues to expand her range – from taking on a role in the upcoming ‘Kraven the Hunter’ to exploring horror with Blumhouse’s ‘House of Spoils.’

As the world of cinema, both English and international, continues to evolve, DeBose and Quan represent the vibrancy and diversity that audiences yearn for. The anticipation for ‘With Love’ stems not just from the star-studded cast and crew but also from its potential to intertwine genres and deliver a storyline that speaks to a breadth of experiences and emotions.

While plot details of ‘With Love’ remain under wraps, the film’s pedigree suggests a narrative rich in both action and emotional depth, drawing upon Eusebio’s background in stunt coordination and the nuanced performances of its leading actors.

This forthcoming project is slated to hold a mirror to contemporary themes while exploring the dynamics of relationships, thereby resonating with a wide demographic. The team behind ‘With Love’ are poised to create a cinematic experience that will blend the essence of performance art with the thrill of adrenaline-infused sequences.

As the production of ‘With Love’ gears up, audiences worldwide await with bated breath to witness the alchemy of DeBose and Quan on the big screen. Their artistic journeys, each marked by iconic roles and critical acclaim, suggest that ‘With Love’ will not only add a remarkable chapter to their careers but also offer a fresh and poignant exploration of the complexities of love as it navigates through the uncharted territories of the human heart. With anticipation building, the global cinema community is setting its sights on what promises to be an enthralling film that celebrates the artform in all its multifaceted glory.

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