A Resonant Finale to the Thrimshath Sambhrama by T.S. Pattabhiram Pandit

The Mangaluru Sangeetha Parishad’s 30th anniversary celebration, ‘Thrimshath Sambhrama’, concluded on a high note with a captivating Carnatic vocal concert by T.S. Pattabhiram Pandit, a disciple of the esteemed Palghat K.V. Narayanaswamy. The event, held in association with the Karnataka Government’s Department of Kannada and Culture, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, and Ramakrishna Math local chapters, witnessed a remarkable display of classical music heritage, as Pattabhiram enchanted the audience with his melodious renditions.

Exhibiting his connection with the lineage of KVN bani, Pattabhiram commenced the evening with an eloquent interpretation of Pallavi Gopala Iyer’s Ata tala varnam ‘Vanajakshi’ in Kalyani. Demonstrating his knack for sustaining engagement, he then progressed to Tyagaraja’s ‘Bala kanakamayachela’ in Atana, which portrays the multitude of Lord Rama’s virtues. During the niraval and swara session of this piece, the distinctive elements of his guru’s style shone through, giving the audience a taste of the rich traditions of the bani.

As the performance continued, Pattabhiram artfully laid out the raga Nattakurinji, setting the stage for a soul-stirring interpretation of ‘Pahi janani santatam’ by Swati Tirunal. The composition, which paints a vivid picture of the Devi in Kanyakubjam (presently Kannauj), was adorned with enchanting phrases that captivated the listeners. His niraval at the lyric ‘Kamaneeyatama roope, kanyaakubjavasinee’ and the consequent swara refrains were a testament to Pattabhiram’s expertise and his ability to evoke the essence of the raga.

Deliberating with the gathered music aficionados, Pattabhiram selected ‘Paramathmudu veligae’ in Vagadheeswari for the evening’s main kriti. Tyagaraja’s philosophical view of Lord Rama as the formless Paramatma was effortlessly transmitted through Pattabhiram’s expressive alapana, pulling the audience into a state of devotional contemplation. The rendition was further energized by vibrant swaraprastaras that echoed through the venue.

In the latter part of the concert, Pattabhiram chose to lighten the mood with an assortment of shlokas, and pieces by Bharathiyar, Purandaradasa, and Kamalesha Dasa before mesmerizing the audience with ‘Varugalamo Aiya’ in Manji. The performance was rounded off with a thillana in Paraju, further imprinting the evening in the memories of those present.

Adding layers of musical finesse to the concert was Trivandrum Sampath on the violin, whose imaginative play provided supportive harmonies to Pattabhiram’s vocals. Bengaluru V. Praveen, a veteran mridangist, delivered a robust performance, his playing offering solid backbone to the vocalist’s delivery. The tani avartanam segment saw Praveen urging Sumukha Karanth, a young and promising Kanjira artist, to a spirited interaction that the audience relished.

Before the carnatic vocal segment, a violin trio featuring Dhanashree Shabaraya, Gowtham Bhat P G, and Mahathee K graced the stage, delivering a performance that set a delightful tone for the event. Their synchronous strings provided a harmonious start to the final acts of Thrimshath Sambhrama.

The evening of musical genius, which took place under the auspices of the Mangaluru Sangeetha Parishad, reflected the enduring charm of Carnatic classical music and the vibrant culture it represents. As the Parishad closed the curtains on its thirtieth-anniversary celebration, the performances left an indelible mark on the artistic landscape of Mangaluru, promising many more years of musical reverence and celebration.

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