A Mahashivratri celebration

As devotees around the world prepare to immerse themselves in the spiritual fervor of Mahashivratri, Vasuda Sharma, a singer renowned for her stint with the pop group Aasma, offers her musical gift – a soul-stirring song titled “Shiv Shiv”. This new release beautifully represents Sharma’s personal journey and deep-rooted connection with spirituality, meticulously crafted to resonate with the celebrations of the auspicious festival.

Sharma, who ventured into the limelight with her pop group Aasma and later gained recognition as an independent artist, has always had an underlying current of spiritual expression in her art. This was instilled in her from childhood when her aunt introduced her to the world of Krishna bhajans, a form of Indian devotional music. Such early experiences have continued to influence her work, providing a layer of profundity and a means to share her inner world with her audience.

This connection to spirituality was further nurtured through her association with a spiritual foundation, which she credits with giving her “meaning and purpose” in all her endeavors. This profound connection is evident in the dedication seen in “Shiv Shiv,” a piece that seeks to capture the essence of Mahashivratri – a time-honored festival dedicated to Lord Shiva, one of the principal deities of Hinduism, celebrated for his role as the transformer and protector in the Hindu triumvirate.

In an artistic journey that has straddled both the realms of pop culture and independent music, Sharma reckons with the challenges of staying true to her distinctive musical style while also honoring the cultural sensitivities intrinsic to spiritual compositions. “There’s a sense of devotion that permeates every chord, and every melody,” Sharma shares. Her endeavor with “Shiv Shiv” wasn’t just to create a piece of music but to construct a vessel for her deepest emotions, offering them up as a homage to the divine.

In composing “Shiv Shiv,” Sharma aimed to encapsulate reverence, transcendence, and the deepening of one’s spiritual connection with the divine. The song is envisaged to not only match the mood of the celebrations of Mahashivratri but also to provide an anthem that can lead the listeners into a deeper state of contemplation and worship.

The melodic structure of “Shiv Shiv” intertwines traditional and contemporary sounds, a juxtaposition that mirrors Sharma’s artistic ethos. The track is infused with rich, resonant vocals that weave through the harmonic framework, echoing the timelessness of devotion and reflection inherent in Mahashivratri’s observance.

With “Shiv Shiv,” Vasuda Sharma embraces the dual facets of her existence as a contemporary artist and a devoted spiritual seeker. The song serves as a manifestation of the sanctity she instils in her compositions – music that not only entertains but also elevates and enlightens. As the celebrations for Mahashivratri unfold, this track stands as a poignant reminder of the power of music to cross temporal boundaries and connect souls to the divine.

The release of “Shiv Shiv” comes at a pivotal moment when individuals are looking to affirm their faith and spirituality in increasingly tumultuous times. Through her music, Vasuda Sharma offers a sanctuary of peace, reflection, and devotion. It’s an invitation to listeners to join her on a path that goes beyond mere performance, where song becomes prayer, and melodies transform into a bridge between the mortal and the ethereal.

As millions across the world observe the day of Mahashivratri through fasting, night vigils, and chanting, Vasuda Sharma’s “Shiv Shiv” promises to echo in the hearts of the devout, elevating their spiritual experience with the harmonious union of art and reverence.

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