A Letter of Gratitude and Encouragement: Huma Qureshi to Her Younger Self

On the brink of International Women’s Day, Huma Qureshi, celebrated actress and a role model for perseverance, reached out through time with a heartfelt letter to her 16-year-old self. In a touching and empowering gesture, Qureshi shared this personal note via her Instagram account, offering a glimpse into her journey of self-discovery and tenacity.

Photographs of a younger Qureshi, set against the unmistakable backdrop of household scenes from the late 1980s and early 90s, accompanied her words. Qureshi’s missive served as both a thank-you note and a beacon of hope for her past self and those who walk a similar path.

“Thank you for that day when you marched into your principal’s office in Class 11. You were terrified but your love for the stage burnt brighter than your fear,” Qureshi wrote. Defying the expectations of her time, she chose Performing Arts over Academics, setting the tone for a life carved by her own decisions. The letter applauded her past self’s steadfastness and courage; it was this very resolve that navigated her on what she reflects on as an incredible journey.

Qureshi reminisced about her move to Mumbai, a city that was then a forest of strangers. Recalling her relentless spirit, she said, “When you came to Mumbai you didn’t know a soul yet you went each day to every audition, every meeting with unwavering determination.” It’s this spark, the ability to make an indelible impression, that she attributes her success to.

Yet it wasn’t always about the limelight or the accolades. The actress spoke candidly of her struggles, of lonely nights spent crying and the sharp sting of rejection. In her eyes, these moments of despair were crucial; they taught her to rise each day with increased resolve, to keep walking forward no matter the setbacks.

Huma Qureshi’s journey wasn’t one without its pitfalls. She recalled the darker days when the film industry cast her aside, whispering she was “not perfect enough”. But even in the face of such criticism, she rose, proving naysayers wrong through her powerful portrayals and undeniable talent.

As the star of the streaming series ‘Maharani 3’, Qureshi slips into the role of Rani Bharati, a character that symbolizes strength and resilience. She wondered aloud what her younger self would think of the characters she’s brought to life – Rani Bharati, the vivacious Rajshri from ‘Double XL’, or the captivating Monica Machado from ‘Monica O My Darling’. Her characters – messy, unfiltered, and powerful – reflect the essence of real women, she asserted, and in them, viewers would see their own strength and resolve mirrored.

Ending on a rousing note, Qureshi urged her younger self and women everywhere to raise their voices, to honor their stories, and to rise above the din that seeks to silence them. She envisions her roles as a means of uplifting women, reminding them of their power and their capability to be the architects of their own fates.

Through this intimate sharing, Qureshi – a small-town girl who dreamed with steadfast belief and ardent passion – stands as a testament to the power of self-belief and the fruitfulness of persistence. Her letter underscores the change she envisions and emboldens women worldwide to claim their place, celebrate their journey, and to never dim their light. The spirit of the letter encapsulates the celebration of International Women’s Day, serving as a poignant reminder of the battles fought and the victories won by women across the globe.

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