’12th Fail’ actor Vikrant Massey reveals that TVF’s ‘Aspirants’ is his “most favourite content”

Vikrant Massey, the versatile actor celebrated for his arresting performance in the film ’12th Fail,’ has recently praised TVF’s (The Viral Fever) ‘Aspirants’ as his favorite streaming content, an enthralling drama that delves into the lives of UPSE students—an exam preparation landscape rarely explored on screen. During an interview with Massey, the compelling actor shared his admiration for ‘Aspirants,’ a show which premiered its second season just days prior to the release of ’12th Fail.’

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This commendation from Massey underscores the incredible resonance that ‘Aspirants’ has had with both audiences and industry insiders alike. TVF, a pioneer in online content creation, has consistently won over audiences with spellbinding storytelling that connects deeply with viewers’ emotions. Massey, during the interview, confessed his engrossment with ‘Aspirants’ despite the chaos of promoting ’12th Fail,’ saying, “I really liked the show…There are very few content pieces that talk about UPSE and I loved ‘Aspirants.'”

The concept of UPSE, India’s coveted civil services examinations, has seldom been given a spotlight in mainstream entertainment. ‘Aspirants’ not only captures the trials and tribulations of those aiming for the UPSE but has also opened the conversation about this significant topic to a much broader audience. Massey’s own ’12th Fail’ overlaps thematically, depicting a narrative centered around UPSE students, which adds a layer of personal connection to his appreciation for ‘Aspirants.’

TVF has not only garnered love and affection from the Indian audience but has also carved out a considerable presence on the global stage, as evidenced by ‘Aspirants’ securing the 111th position in IMDb’s global top 250 TV shows list. The magnitude of this achievement is indicative of TVF’s prowess in captivating international viewers, a testament to the quality and relatability of its content.

The remarkable journey of ‘Aspirants’ didn’t halt with its initial success; it further extended its reach with two spin-offs, ‘SK Sir Ki Class’ and ‘Sandeep Bhaiya,’ both of which further delve into the lives and teachings of its cherished characters. The series became not just a show but a phenomenon, endearing itself to a variety of viewers and solidifying TVF’s ability to create extensive and engaging storylines within its universe.

TVF’s influential role in the entertainment industry is further affirmed by having seven of its original series listed in IMDb’s global top 250, a feat that outshines any other Indian content creator in this respected compilation. It propels TVF to the forefront as the primary content powerhouse emerging from India. Over the years, TVF has progressively yet emphatically altered the pattern of content consumption, raising the bar for web series worldwide.

Beyond the quantifiable achievements, the narrative of ‘Aspirants’ brought forth a heartwarming and realistic portrayal of students’ struggles and aspirations, resonating with many who have undergone or are familiar with the grind and tenacity required to crack the UPSE exams. The growth of shows such as ‘Aspirants’ reflects a hunger for content that mirrors real-life challenges and triumphs, a demand TVF has been adept at fulfilling with nuance and grace.

As TVF continues to innovate and inspire through its groundbreaking series, actors like Vikrant Massey remind us of the profound impact that thoughtful and well-crafted stories can have on both the viewers and fellow creators. The unity of content and audience is a marvel TVF has mastered, and ‘Aspirants’ is a shining example of this very phenomenon; a favorite of the masses and maestros alike.

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