WATCH: Rohit Sharma Shubman Gill hilariously imitate Kuldeep Yadav’s batting stance video goes viral

At the Ranchi Test grounds, a captivating spectacle unfolded on Day 2 as India’s batting lineup faced off against a determined English bowling attack. The day commenced with a setback for the hosts, as captain Rohit Sharma departed early, falling short of contributing significantly to the scoreboard. However, India’s recovery was set in motion thanks to an 84-run partnership between Yashasvi Jaiswal and Shubman Gill, which steadied the ship.

The Indian batting saw a mixture of perseverance and collapse throughout the day’s play. The host team witnessed fluctuations in their batting fortunes as they attempted to gain ground against England’s robust first-innings total. Despite these fluctuations, by the time the stumps were drawn, India had established a defensive front with Dhruv Jurel and Kuldeep Yadav at the crease, the scorecard reading 219/7.

Kuldeep Yadav’s tactics garnered attention as he displayed a resolute defense, contributing a measured 17 runs off 72 balls. Yadav has been known for his prowess with the ball, but during this innings, he showcased defensive skills with the bat that surpassed the expectations of many, standing solidly against the adversities presented by a tricky pitch. His application at the crease was pivotal, particularly given the low bounce and the variable turn on offer from the surface’s cracks.

Yadav’s crouching stance, designed to counteract the low deliveries, underwent a minor yet significant modification during his time at the crease. It was a tactic that did not escape the notice of the commentators, nor did it go unappreciated by his teammates. Eventually, his adapted approach became the source of light-hearted humor.

Shubman Gill and skipper Rohit Sharma, witnessing Yadav’s unconventional batting style, decided to have a little fun mimicking him. The camaraderie and jovial atmosphere within the Indian camp were thus on full display as these top-order batters hilariously emulated the spinner’s stance. The video capturing this moment took the internet by storm, prompting laughter and amusement across the cricketing fraternity.

The day concluded with Yadav and Jurel’s partnership still intact, having weathered the storm in the final hours of play. India’s trail by 134 runs in response to England’s formidable tally of 353. The significance of the first session on Day 3 couldn’t be overstated. Kuldeep Yadav would aim to extend his defiant stay, while Jurel, known for his aggressive batting, might seek to inject some positivity into the proceedings early on the following day.

This Test has shown the cricketing world that India’s lower order is not to be underestimated, with players like Yadav willing to grind out tough sessions. The following day promises to be a critical juncture for India as they strive to inch closer to England’s total. The team would bank on the duo at the crease to demonstrate resilience and skill in order to turn the tides in what has been a closely-fought contest thus far.

As the match progresses, fans will surely keep an eye on not just the scoreboard but also the camaraderie and spirit within the Indian team, elements that have been aptly highlighted by the viral video of Sharma and Gill’s light-hearted impersonation of Kuldeep’s batting. The incident serves as a reminder of the joy and unity that sports bring, even amidst the heat of competition on the international stage.

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