Viral Revelation: Samson’s Entry into IPL Ignited by Fictional Feat

The saga of Sanju Samson’s rise to prominence in the Indian Premier League (IPL) has taken a dramatic turn, as an old video resurfaced revealing a ‘lie’ that propelled the wicketkeeper-batsman into the limelight and eventually led to his selection for the national squad.

It’s the year 2024, and Sanju Samson’s consistent high-octane performance has been the bedrock of Rajasthan Royals’ (RR) success in the IPL. As the team’s captain, Samson’s formidable prowess with the bat has not gone unnoticed. His spectacular form has caught the selection committee’s eye, earning him a much-deserved spot in India’s squad for the forthcoming T20 World Cup 2024.

The journey for Samson has been anything but ordinary. Once a peripheral figure at the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), where opportunity eluded him, it was his move to RR in 2013 that marked a turning point. However, it was a twist of destiny, and a fabricated story, that truly set his cricketing fate in motion.

A video capturing a younger Samson has prompted a flood of social media discussion after it brought to light how former India fast bowler S Sreesanth played a pivotal role in changing Samson’s career trajectory. In the video, Samson narrates the pivotal encounter: “Being with KKR, I wasn’t getting a look-in. But during a match against RR, when [Rahul] Dravid was leading them, Sreesanth spotted him in the hotel lobby and vouched for me. He told him, ‘There’s this kid from Kerala who smashed six sixes in an over in a local tournament. We should definitely give him a trial,'” recounted Samson.

Sreesanth, who was a part of RR at the time, seized the moment when they were set to play KKR. He approached Dravid in the hotel and advocated for Samson, bending the truth to catch Dravid’s attention. Sreesanth later confirmed the account during an interview with Sportskeeda, where he admitted to the white lie that he told Dravid. According to Sreesanth, he claimed that Samson had hit him for six sixes in an over at a local tournament.

Dravid, now known for his coaching acumen with India, was initially taken aback by Sreesanth’s bold claim. “Rahul bhai said, ‘Shree, kuch bhi bol, ye kyu bol raha hai?’” translating to ‘Say anything, but why are you lying like this?’ However, the narrative had its intended effect, and upon witnessing Samson bat, Dravid saw something special.

Despite not initially impressing in a few practice games, it was ultimately the magnificence of his batting that left an indelible impression on Dravid. “Rahul bhai was convinced; he came to me and said, ‘Sree, don’t let this Sanju guy go to any other selection; we are signing him,” Sreesanth elaborated on Dravid’s decision.

The now viral tale underscores a phenomenon common in the cricketing world, where a blend of talent, opportunity, and sometimes, a sprinkle of happenstance, can craft the narrative of a cricketer’s burgeoning career.

For those following the cricket world closely, this revelation adds an intriguing layer to Samson’s already inspiring journey from relative obscurity to cricketing stardom. His performance for Rajasthan Royals stands testament to a talent that needed just a nudge (albeit a fictional one) to emerge into the spotlight.

As the IPL 2024 season continues to unfold, the saga of Sanju Samson will serve as a reminder that sometimes, in the most competitive arenas, fortune favors the brave…and occasionally, the imaginative. Stay tuned with NDTV Sports for the latest IPL updates, full schedules, and the current points table. Follow us on social media or download the NDTV Cricket app for all the sports action on the go.

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