Vaibhav Gehlot resigns as president of Rajasthan Cricket Association

In what may be seen as a significant development within Indian cricket’s administrative circles, Vaibhav Gehlot announced his resignation from the prestigious position of president of the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA). Marking the end of an era characterized by renewed vigor and progressive initiatives, Gehlot’s departure signals a time of transition for the RCA.

Elected for the first time in 2019, Gehlot was at the helm of the organization for a term before being re-elected in December of 2022. During this period, Rajasthan cricket saw a notable revival after a period of instability and uncertainty under the previous BJP governance. Gehlot spoke with a note of pride about the transformations achieved during his tenure, addressing mismanagement and restoration of the state’s cricketing stature.

“Everyone knows the condition of the Rajasthan Cricket Association during BJP’s tenure before the appointment of CP Joshi as president (RCA). The BCCI had slapped a ban on the association which prohibited the Rajasthan cricket team from participating in any tournament. The period also didn’t witness the conduct of a single game in Rajasthan,” Gehlot elucidated in a heartfelt statement, setting the context for his term’s transformative work.

Under Gehlot’s stewardship, with the guidance of his predecessor CP Joshi, ambitious and successful efforts were made to catalyze the sport’s development in the desert state. Gehlot’s primary aim was to cultivate a rich cricketing culture and to motivate the youth of Rajasthan to embrace the sport with passion and dedication.

The state, which had been bereft of international cricket and Indian Premier League (IPL) matches, saw the tides turn through Gehlot’s proactive discussions with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The seeds he sowed bore fruit, as Rajasthan not only hosted high-profile cricket matches but also carved out avenues for homegrown talent to shine on domestic platforms.

The introduction of the Rajasthan Premier League (RPL) was a highlight of Gehlot’s initiatives. Hosted in the historic cities of Jaipur and Jodhpur, the RPL provided a stage for local talent to flourish and for players to entertain cricket enthusiasts within their own territories.

However, Gehlot’s reign faced its share of challenges, especially with the political shift in Rajasthan’s landscape. Since December’s transition, the BJP’s return to power has been accompanied by what Gehlot perceives as targeted actions to impede the RCA’s functioning. These alleged obstructions aimed at the organization, Gehlot claims, are precipitating a climate of distrust that could adversely affect the future of cricket in the region.

“People are trying to create an environment of distrust within the RCA by targeting me which can jeopardize the positive atmosphere that currently prevails in the state as far as cricket is concerned. I can’t tolerate any threat to the IPL games that are scheduled in the state and to the cricket in the region,” stated Gehlot, expressing his deep concerns over the negative implications such discord could ensue.

Ultimately, Gehlot reached a decision that he considered to be in the best interest of cricket in Rajasthan. In a move that resonates with his commitment to the game and its stakeholders, he chose to resign as president of the RCA.

“Therefore, I voluntarily resign as president of the RCA to avoid any major risk to the cricket in the state,” Gehlot stated, thereby concluding his tenure.

As the cricketing community reflects on Gehlot’s contributions, his departure marks a moment of reflection and anticipation about the RCA’s next chapter. The road ahead remains uncertain, but the foundations laid down during Gehlot’s presidency aspire to inspire continuity in progress and a seamless transition towards an even brighter future for cricket in Rajasthan.

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