Sanjana Ganesan shuts down troll for body-shaming remark on Valentine’s Day post with husband Jasprit Bumrah

In an era where social media gives a voice to multitudes, it also unfortunately opens the floodgates for negative commentary and trolling. Navigating the internet with grace becomes a formidable task, especially for public figures. Sports presenter Sanjana Ganesan, who is married to Indian cricket star Jasprit Bumrah, recently found herself at the receiving end of an unsavory remark on social media. However, her response to this incident has won her admiration and has set an example of resilience and wit for many.

The incident occurred after Ganesan posted a Valentine’s Day image on Instagram, featuring her with her husband. The celebratory post was part of a collaboration with the beauty brand L’Oréal. Amidst the pouring in of good wishes, one particular comment caught the eye for all the wrong reasons. The comment, which attempted to body shame Ganesan, read, “Bhabhi moti lg rhi hai” which translates to “Sister-in-law is looking fat.”

This unsought judgment triggered a sharp-witted retort from Ganesan who, evidently at her wit’s end, replied in Hindi, “School ki science textbook toh yaad hoti nahi hai tumse, bada auraton ke bodies ke baare mein comment kar raho. Bhaago yaha se..” The essence of her reply pointed out the audacity of ignorant individuals who fail to remember school-level science, yet find the temerity to comment on women’s bodies. Her remark metaphorically urged the troll to ‘run away’ from her page. The image featuring her assertive comeback quickly spread across various social media platforms, garnering significant attention and praise from netizens. Many took to the comments section to support Ganesan, further denouncing the original negative comment.

Sanjana Ganesan is no stranger to confronting online trolls with poise. In 2022, she had previously hit back at a distasteful remark regarding her appearance, not shying away from a direct response. She appears to have adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards online negativity, reflecting a growing trend among public figures who choose to defend their personal space and dignity actively.

Outside of these social media skirmishes, Ganesan has been successfully juggling her professional and personal life. She returned to work during the Under-19 World Cup serving as ICC’s Digital Insider, after taking a break due to her pregnancy. Meanwhile, her husband, Jasprit Bumrah, has been showcasing his cricketing prowess in the ongoing five-match Test series between India and England, with a remarkable haul of 15 wickets in just two matches.

The couple also stepped into parenthood last year in September, welcoming a baby boy into their lives. These heartwarming developments only amplify the distastefulness of the unsolicited body-shaming attempt, making Ganesan’s clever retort all the more necessary and commendable.

Jasprit Bumrah, one of the cricketing world’s emerging fast-bowling talents, is slated to continue demonstrating his skills in the third Test in Rajkot. However, amidst his professional commitments and a demanding sports schedule, it’s his and Sanjana’s personal life that has come under the unfavorable spotlight of internet trolls, highlighting the perpetual struggle faced by public figures to maintain privacy and respect in the public eye.

In a world increasingly connected by digital platforms, Sanjana Ganesan’s tactful handling of online vitriol serves as an inspiration for many to stand up against cyberbullying with dignity and sharp wit. Her story underscores an important message: kindness and respect should be non-negotiable, even behind the anonymity of a screen.

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