Ravichandran Ashwin Echoes Rohit Sharma’s Playful Jibe with a Twist

The India versus England Test series earlier this year will go down in the annals of cricket history, not only for the thrilling cricketing action and the dominant 4-1 series win secured by India but also for the lighter moments that captured the imagination of fans worldwide. The Indian skipper, Rohit Sharma, became an instant social media sensation for his humor-filled remark picked up by a live microphone during a match, where he admonished his players with a quip that translated to “Anyone who roams around as if he’s in a garden…”

This quip, emanating from the Indian captain’s directives to his fielders, became a subject of mirth among followers of the sport. It didn’t just end there. Rajasthan Royals’ all-rounder, Ravichandran Ashwin, lent further colour to Sharma’s witty statement at a promotional event of his IPL team. Echoing the sentiment of his skipper, Ashwin humorously chastised some of their playing strategies, saying, “Rohit said that don’t roam around in the garden, he is right. These people really walk as if they are roaming around in a garden.”

The cricket stalwart, who also played in the aforementioned Test series, shed light on the insights of game-day strategies, particularly on the art of maintaining the cricket ball for optimal performance. Ashwin wittily explained the conundrum of ball-handling: “Whenever you shine a ball, the shiny side is supposed to be kept dry. So, the ball is passed to Yashasvi, who, unfortunately, slathers it with spit, and then gives it to Shubman Gill, who will play around with the ball, passing it along. I keep thinking, ‘If you apply sweat to the ball, how am I supposed to bowl reverse swing?'”

Ashwin, known for his sharp wit, didn’t stop at ball maintenance. He extended his humor to the size of cricket grounds this season. He shared an experience that vividly demonstrated the varying dimensions of pitches they contend with. “The ground in Jaipur, the boundary is huge. I recall Dhruv Jurel’s reaction on seeing it: ‘Bhaiyya this is so big.’ And I said, ‘Dhruv, at least let it be somewhere.’ At this point in my career, I jokingly thought I’d need a bicycle to get to the Sawai Man Singh boundary.”

The spinner’s anecdotal comedy continued as he described his sensation of the ground size from one stadium to the next. “In one stadium, I felt I could walk, in another, I could run, and in yet another, I felt if I spat out my chewing gum, it would cross the boundary rope and score a six,” added the cricket star, much to the amusement of those present.

The Rajasthan Royals are currently revving up to face the Delhi Capitals in their upcoming clash in the IPL 2024. This Tuesday night showdown is set to take place at the esteemed Arun Jaitley Stadium. Fans and connoisseurs of the game alike await the spirited performance of seasoned players like Ashwin, who promise not just compelling cricket but also moments of light-hearted banter that endear them to millions across the globe.

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