Irfan Pathan heaps praise on Akash Deep for commendable Test debut calls Yashasvi Jaiswal special

Akash Deep, Bengal’s burgeoning fast-bowler, has been showered with accolades by former Indian cricket star Irfan Pathan following his noteworthy introduction to Test cricket in the series pitting India against England. On debut, Akash left an indelible mark by claiming three vital wickets within two overs, exhibiting poise and the ability to maneuver the new ball on English pitches renowned for their seam-friendly conditions.

Irfan Pathan, while attending the New Delhi Marathon as the chief guest, expressed his observations to the press, underscoring the favorable circumstances in which Akash had the chance to make his debut. He highlighted the contrast between the ideal conditions sought by batsmen and bowlers on their first foray into international cricket. “As a batter you want your debut to happen in India, but as a fast bowler, you dream to have your debut in England, Australia, South Africa, or New Zealand,” Pathan articulated.

The commendable performance of Akash Deep during the opening session of the match, where he secured three wickets, did not escape Pathan’s sharp analysis. He commended the newcomer’s performance and held a hopeful outlook for Akash’s future trajectory in cricket.

Pathan’s praise was not solely reserved for Akash Deep—he also had words of encouragement for the young and promising Yashasvi Jaiswal, whom he labeled as a ‘very special cricketer.’ According to Pathan, Jaiswal’s future in the sport is luminous, a prediction buttressed by Jaiswal’s exceptional displays thus far. Throughout the ongoing series, Jaiswal has ascended to new heights, smacking two double centuries in consecutive Test matches held in Visakhapatnam and Rajkot, followed by a robust performance in Ranchi where he secured 73 runs in the first innings.

A prodigious accumulation of 618 runs in the series already records Jaiswal as the second Indian and the seventh international batsman to amass over 600 runs in a series before reaching the age of 23—an impressive feat indicative of his skill and potential.

While appraising the young talents, Pathan also took time to reflect on the significance of the marathon event he was attending. He shared his belief in India’s potential to become a formidable sporting nation and appreciated seeing twenty thousand participants eagerly joining the event with smiles on their faces. For Pathan, such display of enthusiasm for fitness and engagement in sporting activities holds promise for the country’s athletic future.

The event offered Pathan a platform to share his vision, witness the community’s growing interest in sports, and pass on commendations to India’s rising cricket stars, further nurturing the spirit of excellence in Indian sportsmanship. Akash Deep and Yashasvi Jaiswal could very well be at the forefront of a new era for Indian cricket, their performances echoing through the halls of promising young athletes across the nation, inspired by the acknowledgment from one of India’s beloved former all-rounders.

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