‘He is a stalwart but not always getting enough credit’: AB de Villiers heaps praise on Ravichandran Ashwin

In the grand tapestry of cricketing excellence, legends recognize legends. South African cricket luminary, AB de Villiers, has cast a spotlight on Indian veteran Ravichandran Ashwin’s monumental career achievement, reaching a staggering 500 Test wickets, an accolade that cements him as a formidable force in the annals of the game. Ashwin, who joins the distinguished company of Anil Kumble as the second Indian to the milestone, has a career studded with match-winning performances that have been pivotal in scripting India’s cricketing saga.

Commending Ashwin on his remarkable journey, de Villiers shared words of high regard for the spinner who has time and again outwitted the best in the arena. “What a fantastic achievement! Congratulations Ash, you are one of the toughest bowlers I have ever played against – an incredible asset for the Indian cricket team with both bat and ball. He’s been a stalwart, but not always getting enough credit for what he is and the role he plays in the Indian team. What a legend!” exclaimed de Villiers.

Through the prism of his extensive experience, de Villiers dissected the key attributes that make Ashwin a formidable adversary. He elaborated on the technical arsenal at Ashwin’s disposal, which includes an array of deliveries such as the deceptive carrom ball and the classic leg-spin. Yet, de Villiers noted, it’s Ashwin’s impeccable accuracy, profound cricketing intelligence, and enduring patience that fortify his strengths. As a piece of advice to England’s batsmen who often find themselves entangled in Ashwin’s web, de Villiers recommended applying pressure to make the spinner second-guess his lengths.

Beyond celebrating seasoned prowess, de Villiers turned his attention to the promising new chapter in Indian cricket manifested in the young batting dynamo, Yashasvi Jaiswal. With a career in its embryonic yet electric start, Jaiswal has made a resounding statement with two double centuries against England, commands which include scores of 209 and 214 not out in Visakhapatnam and Rajkot, respectively. “What an incredible player! Very aggressive batting, and it makes the game look so easy. He’s so good on the eye. He’s always got the pressure on the bowlers; always looking to pounce,” praised de Villiers. Serving testament to a bright future on the cricket pitch, Jaiswal’s talent, coupled with his mindset, suggests he will adeptly navigate the challenges that come with varying cricketing conditions globally.

The tale of Ashwin’s and Jaiswal’s exploits comes at a time when the cricketing rivalry between India and England finds itself feverishly renewed, with the fourth Test of their ongoing series slated for February 23 in Ranchi. With each twist and turn, be it a veteran spinner’s crafty manoeuvre or a rookie batsman’s fearless stroke, the sport continues to unfurl narratives that amalgamate prowess, potential, and passion—the very essence that makes cricket more than just a game, but a spectacle of human endeavor.

As the cricketing community watches on, players like Ravichandran Ashwin and Yashasvi Jaiswal are not merely contributors but architects of cricket’s rich, unfolding history. AB de Villiers’ homage to Ashwin’s legacy and the nod to Jaiswal’s blossoming career serve as a timeless reminder that the essence of cricket lies not only in the records set and the milestones reached but in the respect and recognition shared among its greatest players.

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