‘Go tell Rohit Sharma…’: Anil Kumble urges Yashasvi Jaiswal to be after Indian captain to let him bowl

Rising cricket sensation Yashasvi Jaiswal has left an indelible mark on the ongoing Test series between India and England with his remarkable batting prowess. The 22-year-old cricket phenom is proving to be an invaluable asset to the Indian team, consistently excelling at the crease with multiple double centuries under his belt. This stellar performance seems to have solidified Jaiswal’s position in the Test squad for the foreseeable future.

The talented youngster recently etched his name into the record books with a dazzling unbeaten 214 in the third Test at Rajkot—a pivotal contribution to India’s commanding 434-run victory over the visitors. Jaiswal, a left-handed batsman with a flair for leg-spin bowling, showcased his versatility by practicing his secondary skill on the third morning of the Test, thereby expanding India’s bowling arsenal in the absence of R Ashwin.

In the aftermath of the third Test, Anil Kumble, a legend of the game and a maestro of leg-spin, had a one-on-one with Jaiswal on JioCinema. The former Indian spinner, known for his strategic acumen and impressive wicket-taking ability, had a piece of valuable advice for the young star. “Well done on your batting. But one thing that I have seen which I want you to continue as well is that you have a natural leg spin. Yes, and action. So don’t give up on that. Because you never know when that will come in handy. I know you’ve had a back spasm, but when you’re working so much on it. Go tell the skipper to give a few overs,” Kumble urged.

Jaiswal responded affirmatively to Kumble’s suggestion, indicating that captain Rohit Sharma had already tasked him with being prepared to bowl at any moment throughout the series. In a testament to his dedication, Jaiswal stated, “I’m always going and bowling, bowling, and bowling. He (Rohit) told me to be ready, and I said yes I am ready.”

By instilling confidence in Jaiswal’s bowling ability, Kumble reflects the timeless cricketing wisdom that champions team dynamics and the value of all-rounders. As cricket evolves, so does the importance of each player bringing a comprehensive set of skills to the pitch.

In other noteworthy performances, the third Test saw Jaiswal and fellow Mumbai teammate Sarfaraz Khan forge a formidable 172-run stand in a mere 158 balls, tearing through England’s bowling lineup. Their partnership was instrumental in propelling India to a substantial lead, further strengthening the team’s dominant position in the match.

Jaiswal’s emergence as a dual-threat player with potential in both batting and bowling is reminiscent of cricket’s golden era when players were encouraged to hone multiple facets of their game—something that Kumble, himself an accomplished batsman, would certainly appreciate.

This series is not only a testament to India’s deep well of talent but also highlights the importance of nurturing new players with guidance from experienced legends like Kumble. As Jaiswal and his contemporaries continue to shape their careers, they carry forward the rich legacy of Indian cricket—blending the tenacity of batting with the cunning art of leg-spin bowling.

The ongoing series reaffirms India’s competitive edge in the international arena, punctuated by the emergence of promising talents like Jaiswal. As the cricketing world watches on, the young Mumbai cricketer continues to polish his craft, with the invaluable advice from a seasoned veteran resonating in his ears, possibly turning him into a versatile player for the challenging games that lie ahead.

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