Family Emergency Calls Cricketer Ashwin Home Post Milestone Achievement

The cricket community is abuzz with news as ace spinner Ravichandran Ashwin is poised to mark his 100th Test appearance on March 7th in Dharamsala. His career has been nothing short of spectacular, consistently delivering outstanding performances in series after series for India. The Rajkot Test, the third in the current series, witnessed Ashwin achieving an extraordinary milestone: surpassing the coveted 500 wickets mark in Test cricket. This achievement took place on the second day of the match, amidst celebration and praise for the remarkable journey of the cricketer.

However, jubilation soon turned to concern on the evening of the same day when Ashwin had to abruptly leave the Test match and return to his home in Chennai due to an urgent family emergency. Reflecting on this challenging period, Prithi Ashwin, his wife, shared the emotional turmoil the family faced during that time.

The incident that precipitated this sudden departure occurred shortly after Ashwin had reached his 500th wicket, with his daughters, Akhira and Aadhya, present to witness their father’s achievement after returning from school. As the family was inundated with messages of congratulations and calls, an unexpected crisis unfolded: Ashwin’s mother collapsed.

Initially, the family opted to keep Ashwin unaware of the situation owing to the poor flight connectivity between Chennai and Rajkot. According to Prithi, while speaking to the Indian Express, they were hesitant to disturb him until it became evident that his presence was needed. “It was then that I heard a sudden scream from aunty as she collapsed, and in no time we were at the hospital,” Prithi recalled.

Local cricketer Cheteshwar Pujara, who resides in Rajkot, provided invaluable assistance during this distressing time. “So I dialed Cheteshwar Pujara and his family were of great help,” Prithi explained. Indian team management and the BCCI also played crucial roles in ensuring Ashwin could travel back to Chennai promptly.

It was only after doctors conducted scans and suggested that having her son by her side would be beneficial that Prithi made the call to inform Ashwin. His reaction over the phone was one of disbelief and utter distress. “He sounded so broken and hung up. It took another 20-25 minutes to process what I told him and for him to call back,” she said. Gratitude was extended towards Rohit Sharma, Rahul Dravid, other team members, and the BCCI staff, who all followed up consistently until Ashwin reached his mother’s side.

Seeing his mother in the intensive care unit was an emotional ordeal for Ashwin. Once her condition stabilized, the family encouraged him to rejoin the team. “Given his personality, he would never leave a game like that. And he would have an extreme amount of guilt if he didn’t win the game for his team,” Prithi asserted.

In a show of resilience and dedication, Ashwin returned to the team on the fourth day of the Test and played a pivotal role in the bowling attack during the second innings. His efforts contributed significantly to India clinching a resounding victory by a margin of 434 runs, highlighting the cricketer’s commitment to both his family and his team.

Pakistan cricketers’ unique training approach with the army ahead of the T20 World Cup, the PCB Chairman’s stern warning to prioritize the country, and England’s lineup announcement for the fifth Test against India, with just one change are additional noteworthy developments in the cricketing world. While the tension of international cricket unfolds on the field, moments like these remind us of the humanity that exists off the field, and the profound impact personal circumstances can have on even the most celebrated athletes.

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