‘Chin up Shreyas Iyer Ishan Kishan’: Ravi Shastri shares message for duo after they missed BCCI’s contract

In a significant move that reverberated across the Indian cricketing landscape, the Board of Control for Cricket in India did not allocate BCCI central contracts to promising cricketers Ishan Kishan and Shreyas Iyer. Their omission came as a shock to many, given that the duo had formerly been involved across all three formats for India. The announcement, which took place on Wednesday, featured a 30-player list but did not include the two cricketers who had recently been out of both international action and domestic play.

Despite their international prowess, the BCCI seemed to underscore the importance of domestic cricket participation, particularly in red-ball formats. The message was clear – regardless of stature within the team, centrally contracted players are expected to prioritize domestic cricket when not involved in national duties.

Delving further into the absence of Iyer and Kishan from the contract list, the BCCI stated, “Please note that Shreyas Iyer and Ishan Kishan were not considered for the annual contracts in this round of recommendations.” Notably, their exclusion is viewed as a consequence of their decision to not participate in the Ranji Trophy matches for their respective state sides.

Concretizing its stance on the matter, the Indian Board added, “The BCCI has recommended that all athletes give precedence to participating in domestic cricket during periods when they are not representing the national team.” The sentiment is a testament to the value the Board places on the foundational structures of cricket within the nation.

As the cricket community absorbed this news, former Indian coach Ravi Shastri came forward with a message of resilience and motivation for the two cricketers. “In the game of cricket, comebacks define the spirit. Chin-up, Shreyas Iyer and Ishan Kishan! Dig deep, face challenges, and come back even stronger. Your past achievements speak volumes, and I have no doubt you’ll conquer once again,” Shastri expressed his support through a post on a prominent social platform.

In addition to the announcement regarding Iyer and Kishan, the Indian Board also infused the cricketing sphere with another substantial development. The BCCI recommended introducing ‘fast bowling’ contracts for a select group of players. These contracts were recommended for Akash Deep, Vijaykumar Vyshak, Umran Malik, Yash Dayal, and Vidwath Kaverappa – a move demonstrating the BCCI’s intensified focus on nurturing and supporting the nation’s fast-bowling talent pool.

Ravi Shastri lauded this strategic initiative, recognizing the potential impact it could have on India’s pace arsenal, especially with an eye toward the challenges that await the team on pitches Down Under later in the year. “Big applause to BCCI and Jay Shah for the game-changing move with ‘fast bowling’ contracts. A crucial step in gearing up for Down Under later this year. The emphasis on Test Cricket and Domestic Cricket is a powerful message, setting the right tone for the future of our beloved sport!” Shastri mentioned in another post.

Shastri’s words underscore a broader narrative within Indian cricket – the continuous drive for excellence requires not only talent and skill but also adherence to the systems and structures designed to sustain the sport’s well-being and progression. As the BCCI’s decisions send ripples through the player community, it is unmistakable that there is an unwavering expectation for cricketers to honor their roots in domestic cricket and remain engaged with the game at all levels. The twin announcements reflect a balance between the need for discipline and the recognition of up-and-coming talent, with the ultimate goal of propelling Indian cricket to new heights in the competitive arena.

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