‘Aye bhai hero nahi banne ka’: Rohit Sharma to Sarfaraz Khan for not wearing helmet | WATCH

A moment of lighthearted discipline unfolded on the cricket field recently that has since captured the attention of fans worldwide. In what has turned into a viral sensation, Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma was observed imparting a humorous yet important safety lesson to his teammate, Sarfaraz Khan, about wearing protective gear on the field. This incident occurred on the third day of the heated India vs England 4th Test match in Ranchi, emphasizing the lighter side of on-field exchanges among cricketers.

The stage was set as England’s batting lineup was winding down, with Shoaib Bashir and Ben Foakes trying to firm their grip on the crease. Rohit, captaining with an eye for detail and concern for his players, wanted to reinforce the team’s defensive strategy by placing a fielder at the silly point, a position perilously close to the batsman. It was at this juncture that Sarfaraz Khan stepped into the limelight, albeit inadvertently, by not donning the essential protective gear – a helmet.

Without missing a beat and in typical Rohit Sharma fashion, he addressed Sarfaraz with a light-hearted rebuke spiced with local Mumbai lingo, “Aye bhai, hero nahi banne ka,” signaling that bravado has no place over safety on the cricket field. Dinesh Karthik, the voice from the commentary box, narrated the event as it happened, ensuring viewers at home didn’t miss out on the candid moment.

The exchange didn’t just emphasize Rohit’s personable leadership style but also sparked amusement across social media platforms, where fans of the game are always on the lookout for candid moments from their cricket heroes. The arrival of wicketkeeper KS Bharat with the necessary helmet and abdominal guard underscored the seriousness behind the jest, signaling that while the delivery may have been filled with humor, the message was anything but a laughing matter.

Rohit Sharma has built a reputation for being one of the game’s more charismatic figures, often displaying his jovial side, whether it’s through his on-field banter or the comments that get picked up by the stump mic. It’s these slices of personality that endear players to the public, providing a humanizing glimpse into the high-pressure world of international cricket.

The match itself swung considerably in favor of the hosts after they found themselves on the back foot for the initial part of the Test. India’s resurgence was led by a determined batting effort that saw them contribute an additional 108 runs to an overnight total of 219, with just three wickets remaining. Dhruv Jurel was the standout performer, batting his way to a crucial 90, which played a pivotal role in India posting a defendable total of 307.

On the other side, England struggled to build on their 46-run lead from the first innings, capitulating to a score of 145 all out in their second innings. Opening batsman Zak Crawley offered the only significant resistance with a half-century, while the rest of the batting card failed to cross the 30-run mark. Indian spinners Ravichandran Ashwin and Kuldeep Yadav were instrumental in dismantling the English batting, setting up an intriguing chase for India, who ended the day comfortably at 40 for no loss.

This episode serves as a reminder of the importance of safety regulations in sports, delivered through an entertaining anecdote that will be retold for some time. It further highlights the cricket community’s appreciation for the human element of the game, where a captain’s protective instinct and a dash of humor converge to create a memorable teaching moment—captured on video for the cricketing world to see and enjoy.

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