AIFF president asks Anti Corruption Bureau to investigate match-fixing allegations in Delhi football league

The capital city’s football scene is currently mired in controversy, as Delhi football grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons following a recent match that has raised serious integrity questions. The storm began after a video surfaced online, showcasing a team scoring dubious own goals. The clip quickly went viral, sparking widespread criticism and prompting swift action from the Delhi Soccer Association (DSA). In a decisive move, the DSA confirmed through an official statement that Ahbab FC, the team at the center of the storm, has been suspended effective immediately pending further investigation. The contentious match that triggered the uproar was played between Ahbab FC and Rangers FC, where Ahbab FC was in the lead with a 4-0 scoreline before conceding two last-minute own goals, suspiciously changing the match outcome to a 4-2 victory for them.

In light of the escalating situation, Kalyan Chaubey, the President of the All India Football Federation (AIFF), has taken a firm stance by requesting the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) to launch a thorough inquiry into the allegations of match-fixing. Chaubey highlighted that not just one but a staggering eleven matches are currently under the specter of such claims. He has reached out to Madhur Verma, the chief of ACB, urging for a deep-rooted and immediate investigation, to uncover any foul play and to take appropriate action against those clubs implicated in potentially rigging games.

The AIFF took to social media to shed light on the developments. Using its Twitter platform, the AIFF disclosed that Chaubey had engaged in an hour-long discussion with Joint Commissioner of the Anti Corruption Bureau, Madhur Verma. Following the talk, the federation handed over the case to the investigative body. AIFF’s tweet also mentioned that Anuj Gupta, the DSA President, would be submitting a formal complaint in relation to the controversial match. “AIFF President @kalyanchaubey held an hour long discussion with Joint Commissioner, Anti Corruption Bureau @IPSMadhurVerma before handing over the case to the investigative agency. Anuj Gupta DSA President will be filling formal complaint about the DPL match incident,” the tweet explained.

The developments have prompted reactions from several quarters including the media, with related stories making the rounds. For instance, UEFA’s Champions League Round of 16 schedule and a tragic event where an Indonesian footballer was struck by lightning have been circulating. Nonetheless, the case involving Ahbab FC has remained a key focus.

In an attempt to address the gravity of the issue, the AIFF convened an emergency meeting to tackle the allegations squarely, with President Kalyan Chaubey personally overlooking the situation. Additionally, an email notice was sent by AIFF to DSA demanding detailed information about the incident. The DSA was also instructed to file an FIR without delay, as part of the formal procedures in dealing with such serious claims.

The ripple effect of this scandal has put a spotlight on the integrity of sports and the necessity for vigilant oversight and governance. As the investigation unfolds, the efficacy of measures in place to combat corruption within sports will be put to the test. The football community, from fans to officials, awaits the outcome of the ACB’s inquiry, hoping for transparency and justice to preserve the sanctity of the game. Meanwhile, the suspension of Ahbab FC serves as a reminder of the harsh consequences that await any parties found guilty of undermining the spirit of fair play.

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