Day: March 23, 2024

Avantika Vandanapu: From Hollywood to Bollywood Dreams

In a spellbinding intertwining of destiny and desire, Indian-American actress Avantika Vandanapu steps into the limelight, revealing her lifelong aspiration to grace the silver screens of Indian cinema. Avantika’s candid revelation marks a poignant moment in her burgeoning career, as

Anurag Kashyap Sets His Price: Pay for My Time or Keep Out

In a move that has shocked many within the Indian film fraternity, renowned filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has announced that he will be charging for meetings, expressing his frustration over time wasted with individuals who, in his view, fall short of

Disney Counters Investor Criticism Over Film Diversity

In a recent development that has caught the attention of Hollywood and Wall Street alike, The Walt Disney Co. firmly rebuked comments made by Nelson Peltz, an activist investor aiming for a Disney board position, affirming that his criticism of

Renowned Bengali Actor Partha Sarathi Deb Passes Away at 68

In a somber development for the Indian entertainment industry, especially Bengali cinema, esteemed actor Partha Sarathi Deb breathed his last at the age of 68. The actor, known for his prolific work in television serials, cinema, and theatre, succumbed to

Emraan Hashmi Hints at Potential ‘Jannat’ Trilogy

The Bollywood industry, known for its perpetual romance with cricket-themed films, witnessed a significant box office triumph with the release of ‘Jannat’ in 2008. The resonating melodies of the movie, such as ‘Zara Si Dil Mein De Jaga Tu,’ still

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