Day: February 21, 2024

Have you heard? Kiara joins Ranveer’s Don

The film industry buzz has been put to rest as the much-awaited announcement for the lead actress in the upcoming “Don 3” has been made. Kiara Advani has been confirmed to join the cast of the third installment of the

Up and about: The lightest aircraft

Mumbai airport recently turned into an impromptu fashion runway, as a bevy of well-toned celebrities dashed through its terminals, potentially saving the airlines a small fortune in excess luggage fees with their light travel style. This serendipitous migration from the

Bad is in the head

In the dynamic landscape of Hindi cinema, where adversarial roles are often earmarked for physically daunting figures, comes a refreshing twist in the guise of suave intellect. The latest motion picture to grace the screens, ‘Bade Miyan Chote Miyan’, showcases

Mere Ram Lakshman aayenge

As the gears of the Indian film industry churn, a colossal project takes a significant step forward. The streets of Mumbai, teeming with aspiring stars, are abuzz with the news that the highly anticipated epic, Ramayana, is inching closer towards

Arjun Kapoor: ‘Never been an insecure actor’

In the landscape of Bollywood, where heroes often bask in the limelight, Arjun Kapoor takes a daring turn to challenge the archetype, stepping into the role of a formidable villain in the highly anticipated “Singham Again.” Celebrated director Rohit Shetty

5 Players who will be playing in the IPL for the first time

The relentless excitement of T20 cricket is returning to captivate fans around the world with the Indian Premier League’s 17th edition fast approaching. Even though the festivities are shrouded in some uncertainty due to the upcoming general elections in India,

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